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Hi Lovely!

Over the past few years the ita bag craze has taken off. An ita bag is a bag that you use to display items (like pins, buttons, and charms) surrounding a specific theme. Usually, your bag features items from a specific show or of a character from a show. The trend originated in Japan and has recently hit the US. You now see cute, colorful backpacks filled with other people’s fandoms all over. It’s pretty cool!! I purchased my first ita bag a few years ago. I loved that you could show off your interests through a fun, creative bag! I now own four ita bags, all with special themes.

“Stuff I Like” Ita Bag:

This was my very first ita bag! I didn’t follow a specific theme for this one. I decided to just include pins that I liked and wanted to show off.


Sanrio Ita Bag:

This little cutie is all Sanrio themed! I tried to include charms, pins, and buttons of my favorite Sanrio characters and I loved how it turned out!


Desserts/Sweets Ita Bag:

For this bag I decided to include any pin or charm that had a dessert or sweets theme. It was really fun hunting down stuff to put in this bag and I love how it looks.


Aggretsuko Ita Bag:

Sanrio recently released their own ita bags called Ai-tatA bags. When I saw that they were making an Aggretsuko bag I decided I had to have it. This metal loving, office worker quickly won my heart and I’ve been wanting new Aggretsuko swag and the bag is perfect.


My “I haven’t decided what to do with it yet” Ita Bag

A friend of mine was living in Japan for a few months and picked this cute bag up for me. Since it’s so small I’m having a hard time deciding what I want to put into it. For this photo I threw in a large Cinnamoroll button to demonstrate the size but I have yet to put actual pins or charms in this bag. Since it’s small I want to be certain of the theme before I start decorating.


Fancy Sanrio Ita Bag

I think this might be my favorite ita bag (or at least top three). It’s made of a nice, thick fabric and includes a nice, adjustable crossbody strap and shorter shoulder straps. I created a cardboard backing and covered it with some cute fabric so I could switch it out if I feel like it. So far I like this one so much that I haven’t made any others.


Yu from Sanrio Boys Ita Bags

I ADORE the new Sanrio Boys (or Sanrio Danshi) anime and Yu is one of my favorite characters. I found this bag on AliExpress and knew I needed to snag it to make a Yu bag.


My “Random Cuties” Ita Bag

I really love this bag!! It was made by my amazing friend, Katie. She is so talented!! I hope to buy a few more of her bags at some point.


My Super-Cute Dollar Store Ita Bag

I found this bag at the 99 Cent Only store in California. It’s originally from Forever 21 and I got it for $2! I still haven’t exactly decided how to decorate it so if you have any ideas I’d love to hear them!!

So that’s my collection! I love that these cute bags allow you to really show off your style and interests. That’s why I keep buying them!! For now, I don’t see myself slowing down on accumulating bags. So long as there are cute items that I want to showcase, there will be more ita bags I need.

Do you have any ita bags? If not, do you feel inspired to pick one up?

2 thoughts on “My Ita Bag Collection

  1. I absolutely LOVE the little crossbody one! I don’t wear backpacks very much (although I’m starting to do that more), but I can totally picture myself wearing that one!

    I used to wear pins on one of my jackets, until I lost a pin. Ever since then I’ve stopped wearing pins at all, but this looks like a safe option. =D

    • I wasn’t using backpacks until I found these! It’s just so handy!

      I was always worried about losing Pins so ita bags are a nice way to show off your flair without stressing about having them fall off. There are some cute, inexpensive ones off of AliExpress. Might be a good gateway ita bag. Lol

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