5 Fun Activities to Do in San Francisco

Hi Lovely!

I recently took a trip to California to visit my Dad and while there we took a day trip up to San Francisco. We had a ton of fun and our amazing day inspired me to share my favorite San Francisco sites with you! I love all things kawaii and nerdy so, if you’re like me, you’ll enjoy this list!!!

Sanrio Company Store

If you’re a lover of Sanrio then you need to take a trip to the Sanrio Company Store. It’s attached to the corporate offices in Southern San Francisco and has adorable imagery on the outside of the building. When you go you need to make sure to snap a photo with the adorable Hello Kitty statue that waves hello outside.


What is there to say about Japantown? I love it soooo much!! There are a ton of really cool shops where you can find adorable plushies, fun blind boxes, really cool anime figures, and so much more!! My Dad and I enjoy shopping and eating a delicious meal. There’s also Pika Pika, a cool little place where you can take purikura and a little arcade with a few small UFO catchers. OH! There’s also a giant Daiso there!! Yeah, you just have to go check it out.

The Walt Disney Family Museum

If you’re a Disney fan then you HAVE to visit the Walt Disney Family Museum. You get to walk through Walt Disney’s early life, through his early career, the start of Disney, and the opening of Disneyland! I’ll warn you, there is a lot to take in so make sure you leave plenty of time to take it all in. I think my Dad and I were there for at least an hour or two.

Yoda Fountain

If you decide to check out The Walt Disney Family Museum then you need to take a little walk over to the Yoda Fountain. It’s about a 10-15 minute walk from the museum and can be a little tricky to find. If you decide to walk over you should use Google Maps to find it. I searched “Yoda Fountain” and chose the walking option and it led us right there.

Palace of Fine Arts

If you don’t mind walking (and already visited the Yoda Statue) then you should check out the Palace of Fine Arts! It’s a really pretty space to walk around and it’s been featured in a ton of movies! There’s also a really pretty pond with a really nice open grassy area so take a picnic and hang out! Yay!

In conclusion…

I hope you liked my San Francisco suggestions!!! What do you like to do in San Francisco? I’d love to hear your suggestions!!

P.s. Here’s my vlog from my trip!

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