Make the Most of the Time We’re Given

Hi Lovely!

I hope you’re having an amazing day!! Fletch and I have been spending a ton of time getting comfy in our new house. We’re hosting a house warming party next weekend so we’ve been trying to make sure everything looks nice for our guests. It’s pretty crazy to think that we own this house. It still doesn’t feel real.

Anywho, spending time on the house has me reflecting on life (as I do frequently). What are my priorities? How do I want to focus my time and energy? The house has made me have to cut back on spending so finding new ways to spend my time has been a little challenging. I mean, I love shopping. I get it from my Mom and, if I’m honest, when I shop I somehow feel closer to her (we loved shopping together). So yeah, now I’m trying to find other ways to spend my time. Truthfully, I don’t need more stuff. If you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen my office. If you have then you know. So how do I make sure I’m making the most of my time now that I’ve kind of entered a new phase of my life?

Thanks to the help of my amazing friend, Cate, I’m taking up sewing!! My Mom was always sewing and after she passed I received her sewing machine. I feel like this would be a great hobby to not only 1. learn a new skill, 2. be able to make cute clothes, and 3. feel closer and connected to my Mom. All great things, right?!

I also want to focus on spending quality time with family and friends. Now that Fletch and I have a house we’d like to invite people over more. I love having game nights at home or having pizza parties. I have no idea why we don’t do them more often!!

Life in your almost 30s is kind of crazy but I look forward to what the year will bring. All I can do is make the most of every minute I have.

Now you! What have you been up to?

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