Feeling Sweet in My Sprinkles Dress!

Hi Lovely!

I am so excited to share my adorable new dress from Chrissa Sparkles with you!! I recently spent some quality time with my friends Jenn and Angie and decided to rock this dress for the occasion. I hadn’t worn it yet, even though I got it for my birthday in February, and wanted to show it off. I adore the colors, the amazing collar, and the fun sleeves.i want to try wearing some colorful tights with it next.

♥ Dress | Chrissa Sparkles ♥ Shoes | Bait ♥

I had a great time with my friends. We enjoyed lunch at Jenn’s house and took lots of photos. Jenn needed to take photos for a collaboration with a brand so we were able to help (which is always fun). I met these lovely ladies a few years ago through blogging and having good friends in the community really helps. I’m so thankful that through this little hobby of mine I’ve made amazing friends.

So tell me, how would you style this dress?

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