Super-Cute Dress from eShakti!

Disclaimer: I received this dress from eShakti in exchange for a review about my experience with my new dress. All opinions expressed are my own. 

Hi Lovely!!

I’m so excited to share this adorable dress eShakti sent me! As a short gal who is not super-skinny, I have a hard time finding dresses that fit and are the length I prefer. As you know, when you go up in size the length gets longer and longer. What I love about eShakti dresses is that I can have them made so they fit my height. This is the third dress I’ve ordered from eShakti and every one has fit me perfectly! Alright on to the dress!

I’ll be honest about this dress, y’all. I feel a bit like a cupcake. As someone who loves sweets, I don’t mind feeling that way. The bottom of the dress is nice and full. I had to iron it but once it was ironed it seemed to hold up well. When choosing a dress I was a little worried that this one would be too fancy. While I do think it is a little fancier, I mean, I probably won’t wear it to ice cream on a Saturday, but I could totally rock it for work! I can throw on a cute cardigan and BAM, I’m an office worker.

Overall, I’d say I really like this dress! It fits well, the length is perfect, and I feel adorable in it. What more could you want from a dress?

A huge thank you to eShakti for sending me this cute dress!

4 thoughts on “Super-Cute Dress from eShakti!

    • I have three eShakti dresses and I’ve really liked all of them. I usually only customize the length and the sleeves. 🙂

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