How to Buy Kawaii Items From Japan Using a Personal Shopper

Hi Lovely!

I receive a lot of questions about how I shop and buy stuff from Japan. I’ve learned a lot over the past year and I’d love to share that knowledge with you! It all started last year when I watched a video by Dollastic. She purchased a few items from a personal shopper in Japan and highly recommended her. I had no idea it was even a thing! There are people that shop for you?! What?? So, I looked into it. I started with following the shopper whom Dollastic had suggested which lead to finding a ton more personal shoppers in Japan. I’ve now bonded with wonderful individuals in another country all over a common love of cute stuff. It’s pretty cool!

Below are a few of my favorite personal shoppers. I hope you enjoy learning about them and their services!

Here’s how it works (or at least in my experience). This is all on Instagram. The shopper posts photos to their feed with the price and, if they’re picking it up later, when it will be picked up. The price includes the cost of the item along with a little extra for the shopper. If you see something you want to purchase you forward the image to the seller asking them to buy it. Each personal shopper is different, some ask for a deposit at the time while some invoice you later. It just depends on the individual. After they let you know they did/or would pick up the item, they will send you a total for your purchase(s) and what your shipping will cost. Keep in mind, shipping from Japan can be pricey. The cheapest I’ve seen shipping is $8 and that was for a single item. If you’re worried about the cost of shipping I suggest asking the seller if they know how much shipping might cost. Usually they have an idea.

On to the personal shoppers (in alphabetical order)!


My first introduction to personal shoppers was Carey and her team at BAE! Carey is always super-sweet when we chat. When the first My Melody x Sailor Moon collaboration came out, Carey kept an eye out for the items I requested and put them aside for me when she found them. It was so incredibly sweet! I always appreciate her sweetness. BAE mostly shops at Sanrio, Disney, and Tokyo Disney.


This seller is amazing!! She’s always friendly and very kind. She sells tickets for some lotteries, Pokemon Center items, gachapons, Sanrio, Sailor Moon, and other miscellaneous stuff.


I’ve been shopping with this individual for a while now. She’s always super-nice and really sweet! She also has an Etsy shop so she’ll list some of her extra items there. This seller mostly shops Sanrio items, sometimes gachapons, Rilakkuma, and other various items.


Love this lady!! She lives in the US and orders items from Japan. Sometimes she sells stuff that she already has on hand. If you’ve seen my Cinnamoroll backpack, I bought it from her! She’s always really nice and super-helpful. She sells mostly Sanrio and Disney items.


Raquel is always super nice when I order from her. I always feel welcome to ask questions and find out when items are releasing. She’s also open to special requests if she can, which is really nice! Raquel mostly shops at Sanrio, Rilakkuma, and Disney.


I’ve only made a few purchased from this shopper but have had great experiences every time. She posts items that I don’t see from the other sellers, which I really like. So far I bought a super-cute hoodie from her and an adorable Cinnamoroll plush. So cute!

Alrighty! Those are the personal shoppers on Instagram I recommend that you check out. If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out! I’m happy to help if I can.


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