Stripes and Bows Stand Out in The Snow

Hi Lovely!

We recently had a bit of snow and I had to take the opportunity to snap a few photos before it melted. This is one of my all time favorite outfits. I adore this stripy dress from Bonne Chance Collections and love pairing it with my mint sweater. My favorite colors are pink, purple, and mint green (can you tell?) so this outfit is perfect for showing them off.

I wore this outfit out to brunch with Fletch a few days after Christmas. I had been lounging around the house for far too long and wanted to get a little dolled up. I decided to pair my most adored accessories with my super-cute dress to create an absolutely scrumptious look. Can you tell I’m feeling this look?

DressSweaterShoes (similar) ♥ Bag (no longer available) ♥ EarringsBowSocks ♥

The holiday season was a bit tougher for me this year. I find myself missing my Mom more and more. Not having her around for Christmas was really difficult but with Fletch’s love, support, and wonderful company, I still had a great holiday. I allowed myself to be down when I needed to and when I was ready I dressed up and went out. Sometimes you just need to feel your emotions, right?

When I’m in a crummy mood I find that wearing bright colors or fun accessories cheer me up. Most days to work I wear a fun enamel pin. Most of the time they don’t even match. It’s just my way of wearing something spunky to work. Booth (from the hit television show Bones) wore silly socks. I wear pins. If it makes you happy then why the heck not?

What do you do when you feel down and need to lift your spirit? Do you change up your look?

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