My Super-Kawaii Comfy Outfit

Hi Lovely!

Today’s outfit is a bit different than what I typically share. It’s a super-comfy look!!! I had the past week off and definitely took advantage of my lounging time! Fletch and I spent a good chunk of the days at work resting or packing so I didn’t really get dolled up much. Even though I was casual, I never miss an opportunity to dress kawaii!

♥ Sweater | Amazon ♥ Leggings | Hot Topic ♥ Bag | Sanrio♥

I think it’s important to showcase the different sides of my style. When I’m out in public I’m pretty much always in a dress but at home, well, it’s comfy clothes! I love dressing up all cute but after a long day there’s nothing I enjoy more than putting on my pajamas, cuddling up to Fletch on the couch, and watching a movie.

What do you like to wear when your wanting to be comfy?

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