It’s been one of those weeks

Hi Lovely!

You know those weeks where everything seems to go wrong? That was this last week for me and Fletch. It all started when we were notified that our rent was going up significantly. Due to the raise we won’t be able to stay in our home (which is such a bummer). I was also told I didn’t get a job I had applied for at work and Fletch started having car issues. I’ve already been on edge emotionally with the holiday season so these added stresses have not been helpful. See, this is our second Christmas since my mom passed away. It was always her favorite holiday so celebrating without her is really hard. I kid you not, this morning my dog ate my breakfast burrito and all I could do was cry. It wasn’t even a big deal but I couldn’t help but cry.

I know everything will work out and all that truly matters is that I’m with my wonderful partner, Fletch, and my adorable puppy, Lily. It’s just difficult. I have to accept that things are crappy at the moment but we’ll get through it. During these difficult times it’s important to recognize all of the wonderful things in life. I think I’ll start a daily habit of writing down things I’m thankful for. I used to do it more often but got out of the routine. Now seems like a good time to pick it back up again.

If you’re having a hard time know that you are not alone. You are strong. You got this! Any hardship you face now will help shape the amazing person you will eventually become. You are amazing.

Love you all!

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