Finding My Groove

Hi Lovely!

Happy Sunday! Today Fletch and I are going to see the new Star Wars movie and we’re pretty excited!! It will be a nice way to spend an afternoon. After that we’re heading to Fletch’s Dad and Step Mom’s place to hang out and eat dinner.

If you read last week’s Sunday post you know that I’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch. With that said, I tried to really focus on positives this past week. I researched creative packing techniques. Fletch and I are continuing to search for a place to live and we’re re-evaluating our budget. As difficult as it might be, we’re really trying to look on the bright side. Right this moment I’m feeling pretty good!

Christmas is just around the corner and I decided to take some time off of work. I’ve been feeling pretty stressed (at work and at home) so I want to focus on my mental health and making a plan for ourselves. A few weeks ago I found out that my Dad was going to be in town on the 21st for a business meeting so we decided to have an early Christmas together. I’ve been disappointed that we can’t spend the actual day together so this new plan is definitely lifting my spirit.

So yeah, I’m doing alright. I can’t say that the stress, sadness, or fear of the unknown won’t come back from minute-to-minute but I can say that we will do our best to remain positive.

What are you doing for the holidays? Anything fun?

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