The Best Medicine

Hi Lovely!

Today started off a little.. well, rough. See, I woke up after having a weird dream and was completely low. I had a dream that I was on vacation with my parents. A vacation with both of my parents. My Mom was there, frail and delicate, like the last time I saw her. We were going to dinner and she had entered the restaurant a few minutes before me. When I walked in she was laying on the floor. She must have slipped or something. I screamed for help as I ran to her. I cradled her in my arms then woke up. I was completely shaken and couldn’t fall back to sleep. In February of 2016 my Mother passed away and it has been a struggle. Holidays are really difficult. Maybe that’s why I had this dream. So, as you can imagine, Sunday started off on the wrong foot. I was in a grumpy mood and, honestly, wasn’t sure how to get myself out of it.

I decided to go about my day and complete the tasks I had wanted to do all along. I made breakfast for Fletch and I. I went out and ran a few errands. I was feeling alright but still a bit low. I decided to go ahead and work on a few crafting projects I had thought of on Friday. There’s something relaxing about making something. I wanted to make something to display my Minnie ears and did. I made a few charms to put on my bags and I made a really cute bow to wear in my hair. It was nice. Doing something with my hands took my mind off of my dream.

Now I’m working on blog stuff, continuing to keep busy. Some days are harder than others, today was one of those days, but that’s what happens when you lose someone. And that’s okay. It’s alright to have difficult days. I’ve found that when those moments come you just need to accept those emotions and do something that can help lift your spirit. Today was crafting, other days it’s eating ice cream. Whatever it is it’s okay to do something with the sole purpose of bringing you joy. We all need to be a little selfish sometimes.

Love you all and have a wonderful day.

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