Make the most of the moment you’re in

Hi Lovely!

I hope you’re having a wonderful day! I spent my day with a few amazing friends at the Tacoma comic show, Jet City Comic Show. I had a blast walking around the exhibit hall and looking at all of the booths. It was a wonderful way to spend my time.

After the fun day I got home and, like most days, reflected. I thought about what makes an activity or moment fun or enjoyable.

A few months ago some friends and I went up to Seattle early on a weekend to stand in line to go to an art exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. Well, we got all the way up to Seattle, found the end of the line, only to be told that the two people in front of us were the end of the line. If we stood in line for the next two hours there was no guarantee we’d be able to get in. We had a hard decision to make. Do we stay? Do we figure out something else to do in Seattle? Do we head home and count it as a loss? What to do.

Well, we all decided to hit up a fun coffee shop that makes cute latte art and walk around Pike’s Place Market. We had a blast! On the way back from Seattle we grabbed brunch before parting for the day. It was honestly one of the best days ever.

Why am I sharing? That’s one of those situations where things could have gone wrong and been a huge bummer. It was thanks to our attitudes that we were able to still enjoy ourselves. This is true of most situations. We can choose to either make the most of every moment or not. How we interpret things is really up to us.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are moments when we just need to be disappointed. That’s ok. My suggestion is to let yourself acknowledge that you’re disappointed, allow yourself to feel those feelings, then get past it and have fun. Yes, that is easier said than done sometimes but it can seriously save you from a crappy experience and can turn things into an amazing memory. Just like I did with my friends!

Now get out there and make some super-cool memories.


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