Kawaii Unboxing From CraftYourDream!

Hi Lovely!

I’m super excited to share the goodies that my friend, CraftYourDream, sent me! I’ve made several purchases from this wonderful Etsy seller so when she offered to send a few goodies I was so honored. She has some of the best stuff!!! I feel so lucky to have made such a sweet friend.

Alright I can’t wait any longer to share!! This was seriously one of the best packages ever.

I tend to make a lot of noises when I get excited so please excuse me.

EEEE!! So many cute items, right?!?! She really nailed it. Every time I saw another item in the basket I squealed with joy (as you probably saw). I love the adorable little macarons that she made. I saw them in her shop previously so seeing them in the basket was such a surprise! Words can’t describe how much joy this cute basket of goodies brought me.

Thank you so much to CraftYourDreams for these amazing gifts!!!

One thought on “Kawaii Unboxing From CraftYourDream!

  1. Thanks for creating the video, you are so pro at it – I love your background and the music and your candid remarks on the various items. Here is my etsy site if anyone is interested in getting the handicrafts and kawaii merchandise 🙂

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