Our Vancouver Adventure

Hi Lovely!!

Fletch and I recently celebrated our three year wedding anniversary by spending a weekend in Vancouver, B.C.! It was really cool to see a new place. We don’t get to take many vacations so taking the time to make a memory together was really special. For years now we’ve been wanting to visit Canada and now we can finally check it off our travel list!

Day 1

We began the trip Friday morning so we could beat some of the traffic. We made a pit stop in Everett to visit the new Funko HQ store. It was really cool!! The entire store was decorated with different themes. There was a Star Wars area, an Arkam Asylum area, a Disney princess castle, and even a Harry Potter section (which was my favorite). It was like walking through an amusement park. After taking tons of photos and making a few purchases we decided to get back on the road and continue to Vancouver.

We made it to our hotel by 3pm. It was a long drive so we decided to rested for a short bit at the hotel before going back out. There was a store I wanted to visit called ArtBox and we decided to check that out that evening. ArtBox is located inside a mall in Richmond, B.C. along with a ton of other cute shops. The mall had a store called Gacha Gacha Hobbies & Toys that I fell in love with. I could have spent days in that freaking store! They had plushies from UFO machines, they had entire collections of gachapon toys, and even had a few gachapon machines themselves. I nearly died! It was amazing!

Day 2

Saturday was was spent visiting Granville Island. They have a really fun market with a ton of different food options, some shopping, and a few local artist booths. We enjoyed walking around and checking out the area. We thought the market would fill up more of the day but after about an hour we had seen everything we wanted to see and decided to leave. We headed off to mark off another item from our to do list and went over to Laduree. Once there we decided to treat ourselves to high tea, which was scrumptious. Neither of had enjoyed high tea before so it was an extra special experience. That filled up most of Saturday so we again went back to the hotel to rest. We tried to make sure to leave plenty of time for rest each day.

Day 3

Our last full day in Vancouver was spent walking around Stanley Park. After enjoying a nice walk we decided to stop by another shop I wanted to visit before going back to the hotel. The store itself was a little disappointing (it was like Daiso so nothing new for me) so we decided to grab lunch while in the area. We wanted to make the most of our time in the area since we already payed for parking.

When leaving the mall after lunch we happened to walk by a cat cafe called Catfe. Fletch and I had never seen one in person so we had to check it out. The cats were not super-friendly (probably over stimulated) but we expected that so it was alright. I had a catpuccino while Fletch tried to play with the cats.

After the excitement of the Cat Cafe we rested before heading back out to check out the Richmond Night Market. It was CRAZY busy at the market so we only stayed for a little while. We ate some yummy food (a common theme for this weekend) and played a few carnival games. It was really cool! I wish we had one in Washington. It was a really full day so we crashed as soon as we were back at the hotel.

Day 4 (Wrapping Up and Heading Home)

Come Monday we were ready to head home.

It was a really fun weekend. Fletch and I loved getting some solo time together visiting a new place. We hope to make traveling more of a priority in the future. It’s such a wonderful experience to have together.

Have you done anything cool lately?

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