I’m starting with the (wo)man in the mirror

Hi Lovely!!

I’ve been reflecting a lot on how I can improve as a person. Sure, I’m pretty alright as-is but how do I become the best version of myself? I’d like to learn how to communicate with others better. I tend to let my emotions get the best of me so I’d like to learn to communicate those feelings better. I want to spend more quality time with those I care about but also give myself time to be alone and reflect. My last major improvement, besides just being all around “better”, would be to cut back on shopping. I buy a lot of stuff. Look at my Instagram, or visit my house and it’s clear. I’ve started cutting back but there’s still room for improvement.

Wanting to grow and develop as a person is one thing but how do you get there? That’s something I’ve been thinking the most about. How do I make myself the best I can be?

I recently attended a training course at work titled, Crucial Conversations. While the class focused on how to have difficult conversations I think there’s a lot that can be applied to everyday interactions. Learning to control yourself when you get heated is a very valuable skill. I look forward to applying the skills I learned to my current and future relationships.

During weekdays I work all day in an office then head home to sit and watch Netflix. My life is filled with sitting and screens. I’d like to make more of my days. Have dinner with friends. Go for walks. Whatever my heart tells me.

Now, regarding shopping and owning so many things, I’ve already started to improve. When tempted to buy something I ask myself, do I really need it? Is it like something I already own? Do I like it or love it? Depending on my answers I decide whether to make the purchase. Lately I’ve done better at being more honest with myself and it’s that honesty that has led me to buy less. In addition to this change I’ve also started clearing stuff out. I’ve gone through my dresses and donated the ones that don’t fit. I’ve gone through my t-shirts and cleared out the ones I don’t love. My tights, well, I’ve gotten rid of a TON of tights that I never seem to wear. Oh! And toys. I’ve done well at getting rid of toys.

So that’s me. I know we all have things we can improve on: that’s normal. I just hope that I can stick to my goals and help myself grow as an individual.

Do you have anything you’d like to improve upon?

Leave some love!