Showing Off My Metal Side

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If you haven’t met Sanrio’s newest character, Aggretsuko, then allow me to introduce you! She’s a cute red panda that works in an accounting department. She’s kind of a push-over in the office so when she reaches her limit she takes out her frustration with heavy metal karaoke. While I don’t really listen to metal music I can totally relate to Aggretsuko. We all have those days when work really gets to us and we have to unwind. I think her relatability is why people are falling in love with this character.

As soon as she was introduced I knew she would be in my top favorites of Sanrio characters. They didn’t start releasing merchandise for her until recently and I’ve gobbled it up. At San Diego Comic Con they released a con-exclusive shirt so I asked a friend who was attending to pick it up for me (thanks Elana!) Sanrio also recently released ita bags, one being Aggretsuko themed, so I purchased that too. I’m working on building up my collection.

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Since I have two new Aggretsuko items I decided I should probably put together an outfit. I paired my cute new shirt with my light purple skirt to soften the look and add a bit of my personal flair. I think this shirt would also look super-cute with a pair of shorts. Maybe some combat boots? Yes.. yes that would look cute. Anyhoo, the shirt is stupid-comfy and fits perfectly. I’ve also been using this bag since I bought it and have loved every minute. It’s so freakin’ cute and holds a ton. Everything you could want from a bag!!

Do you have any fandoms that you like to showoff?

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