A quiet weekend of reflection

Hi Lovely!

Friday morning Fletch left for a last minute trip out of town. It isn’t often that Fletch goes out of town so I’m trying my best to enjoy my solo time, even if it’s difficult and I miss him. This time alone has me reflecting a lot on relationships and finding true happiness. I enjoyed a lovely evening with my friend, Jessica, on Friday and a scrumptious lunch with my friend, Bunny, on Saturday. Both encounters sparked really deep conversations. One about the stuff I buy and the future, the other about death and fear.

These discussions had me thinking about where I put importance, what do I hold as valuable? Is it buying and keeping stuff? Is it on planning for the future? Being a mom? Spending time with friends and family? How do I live a happy and meaningful life?

After the passing of my Mom I had a hard time feeling driven. I didn’t want to do anything. With time I decided that I needed to learn from the loss. I wouldn’t spiral down a hole of dismay. Instead, I was going to do the things that make me happy. I’m going to continue to make connections with others, to make friends. I’d put relationships before my blog or work. Elevate and rekindle friendships. I wouldn’t let my fears of being different hold me back from wearing what I wanted or buying what made me happy.

Now, I’m sitting here all alone, watching a movie before heading to sleep, and there’s a million thoughts and emotions swirling around in my head. What does this all mean? Well, for now it means that I will do what makes me happy. I will cuddle the crap out of Fletch and our puppy, Lily. I will allow myself to take breaks from anything that brings me down. Relationships and being a healthier me will take priority.

Life is short and no one is on the same journey. Do what brings you joy (so long as you aren’t hurting anyone) and love with all your might.


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