Finding Your Tribe

Hi Lovely!

Happy Sunday!! I hope you’re having a wonderful day so far. Later today Fletch and I are visiting our friends Cate and Luke! We’re having dinner and watching a movie (so basically a perfect way to wind down from the weekend). Thinking about friendships, old and new, got me thinking about finding my peeps, my tribe. I’ve always found it easy to make friends but hard to keep them. I’m the girl who always has a ton of pretty good friends but not really a core group of friends. Not many besties. It has always been something I was self conscious of. Is it me? As I’ve grown I’ve found this talent of mine to be a huge asset. I can befriend people standing in a coffee line or through chatting on Instagram (mad props to all my IG friends). Not everyone can do that.

In school I would have friends that I’d quickly bond with, we’d spend a ton of time together and then after 3-6 months we’d fizzle out. I even had a girl basically write me a friend breakup letter and leave it in our shared locker. Yeah, not the best luck. I realize now that it’s not because I’m a crap friend (I’m a pretty great friend, if I do say so myself) but because I hadn’t found my tribe. I didn’t find people who got me–who accepted me for all of my weird quirks.

I have several friends I made during college whom I’m still really close with but I’ve also made a ton of really super-awesome friends since leaving school. Any adult knows that it can be really difficult to make new friends once you’re no longer forced to interact with people on a daily basis. Sure, you can make work friends but sometimes you just need a break from the people you see Monday-Friday for 9hrs a day. So yeah, making friends is tough!!

I started this blog shortly after graduating college. I was feeling self-conscious and lonely.  A lot of my college friends had moved and, while Fletch is great company, I felt like I had no friends. I longed for a community. So, I turned to the internet. A blog seemed like a good place to put myself out there and to meet people with similar interests. My blog adapted as my interests changed and it grew to a social media presence and a YouTube channel. It’s thanks to my friendly personality that I’ve been able to make so many spectacular, kind, loving friends. I put myself out there and if you like it then great! Let’s be friends!!

What am I getting at? Not totally sure! (lol) I guess what I’m trying to say is no matter where you are in life I understand the difficulty that comes with searching to find your place. It’s a tricky, scary road to travel. All I can recommend is that you be your stupendous self and you will find your tribe. You are a beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk ox that deserves nothing less than the best. Always remember your worth and to be kind to others.

Love you all!!

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