Feeling Oh So Magical

Hi Lovely!!

OH MY GOSH! I’m really excited about this outfit. Bonne Chance Collections recently released a new Mickey Mouse themed two piece shirt and skirt and I jumped at the chance to add it to my wardrobe. Honestly, I was worried that it wouldn’t fit and if it did that it wouldn’t look good. I’m happy to say that it fits and I LOVE the way I look in it. I’m labeling this as a success!!

♥ Dress | Bonne Chance Collections ♥ Shoes | ASOS ♥ Backpack | AliExpress ♥

I wore this new look out to Seattle’s Renegade Craft fair a few weekends ago and received a ton of compliments. Everyone loved the cute little Mickey Heads. I have many different dresses from Bonne Chance Dresses and this is definitely one of my new favorites. The colors are so cute!

The craft fair was pretty cool. Fletch and I walked around with my brother and his girlfriend. I really enjoyed checking out all of the local artists with them. I didn’t buy much, just a pin, but my really nice brother bought me the bear necklace I’m wearing above. He’s so nice!!

Do you have a swanky new outfit that you picked up recently? I want to hear about it!!

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