Diner en Blanc Seattle | a large scale picnic in white

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A few weeks ago I attended the super-hip and secretive Diner en Blanc in Seattle with my friend, Jenn of Hellorigby. Basically, it’s a big picnic with strangers where you wear all white. You bring your own table, chairs, food, wine, and whatever else you want to bring. I received an invite since I’m a blogger. To score an invite to this event you have to either 1. Have attended another Diner en Blanc 2. Have someone who has attended refer you or 3. You join a wait list with everyone else and it’s a first come first serve situation.

Jenn and I started chatting about potentially going and it wasn’t until I talked to her and did a little research that I decided to go. Curiosity got the best of me and I really wanted to check out the event.

Photo Credit: Mike Nakamura Photography

Fast forward to the night of the event. You aren’t given the location of the event in advance. You’re given a meeting place and time. Once at your meeting location you’re taken to the final spot, either by walking or by a bus.

The event over-all was pretty rad. Visually, the sea of white clothing and tables was pretty darn cool. Some people were really creative with their outfits and table setups. A table near us had a ritzy three tiered cheese and macaron piece that looked absolutely delicious.

Photo Credit: Jenn of Hellorigby

Photo Credit: Jenn of Hellorigby

Here’s the thing. I want to be as honest as possible. I think it was a cool event but please understand it’s a bit pricey. You pay to attend and you bring everything yourself. If you’re thinking about going please keep that in mind. If I were to go again I’d definitely do things differently.

For one, I’d bring a dolly or cart to haul our stuff around. We had a very small dolly (and no bungee chords) to transport the table and chairs but nothing for the basket containing our food, dishes, etc. I had a really hard time carrying it all the way to the final location and even had a nice stranger carry it the last bit of the way for me. That hardship at the beginning of the event put me in a weird mental space that kind of held me back from fully enjoying everything. So take it from me, BRING A CART! It will make everything better.

Also, I’d get more creative with my outfit/table. A lady near us made cute little flower crowns and added battery powered lights so it stood out in the dark. Great idea, right?! Also, if you go and want to fully enjoy the event, maybe take the next day off of work. This event occurred on a Thursday and I had work the next day. The people who seemed to not care that the next day was a traditional work day seemed to be having the most fun. They had a DJ and people were dancing and drinking, lots of fun.

Photo Credit: Jenn of Hellorigby

Would I suggest that you go? I’d say if you can get on the list and can afford it then sure. You only have one life and you don’t want to miss out on an experience. But definitely keep in mind my suggestions. If I had known what I know now I think the event would have been even better.

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  1. Thanks for joining us, Hilary! We loved having you at Le Diner en Blanc Seattle. Thanks for sharing your experience with your readers. If your readers are interested in attending next year, please sign up at the waiting list at https://seattle.dinerenblanc.com

    We are already planning for next year and hope to have you join us again!
    Kelly Soligon
    Le Diner en Blanc Seattle

  2. Whoa this sounds so interesting. I do love picnics, and this seems to be an innovative way for a community of friends and strangers to spend time together. It’s too bad you didn’t enjoy it as much as you thought you could have, but it still sounds like an exciting experience!

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