We could all use more kindness

Hi Lovely!

Sorry for taking such a long break!! I took a week off to visit Fletch’s family in Memphis and then.. well.. I was lazy and didn’t get back into writing. Isn’t it amazing how a vacation can take so much out of you?! It was a wonderful trip but I was super tired once we got home. I’ve spent the last week just hanging out and getting back into my routine. Now it’s back to my usual day-to-day.

That means, weekly inspiration! Let’s be real. It can be hard to stay positive. Simply turning on the news or even signing into your Facebook can be draining. It’s all too easy to let all of the negativity in the world beat you down. That’s why this quote by my favorite comedian, Ellen Degenerous, really resonated with me. We all could use more kindness. Our daily actions have the ability to impact other people’s lives. Being kind, showing compassion and spreading joy can change someone’s day.

If you ever feel overwhelmed by all of the negativity then why not try to counter it? Small acts of kindness, while they may not change the entire world, can change someone’s world. Be kind to one another. We’re all fighting our own battles, just trying to make it through another day. Let’s spread joy and compassion rather than contributing towards darkness.

Love you all!!

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