Try New Things | My First Ever Facial!

Hi Lovely!

I recently had my first ever facial at Skoah in Seattle. While at a really fun blogger event in Seattle a few weeks ago I scheduled a facial with Skoah! They were at the event providing mini facials and arm rubs and they invited my friend Jessica and I to their Capital Hill location to have our first ever  facials! Jessica and I made a whole day out of it (which was really fun).

Let me tell you, I was really nervous about getting my first ever facial. I have really sensitive skin and rosacea so most things seem to irritate my skin. For cleanser I use Cetaphil and for moisturizer I use CeraVe (both are perfect for sensitive skin). On most days that’s all I put on my face. Having a stranger put different treatments and things on my face worried me. What if I end up with permanent red skin?! Luckily I had Jessica with me to help build up my courage.

The lovely ladies at Skoah were so wonderful! They asked about my skin and my daily skin routine before making a plan for my facial. They catered the treatments to my skin and made it a personal experience. I felt like I was listened to and that they cared about how my skin would react.

When I walked into the room where I was to get my facial the atmosphere was calming. They had a cute little sign welcoming me on the bed along with one of their chapsticks. How cute, right?!

They spelled my name wrong but that’s ok

They gave me a hydrodew mask and then put on a cooling mask to help calm my skin. They also did a few extractions before finishing up with moisturizer. I’ll be honest and say that many different things were applied to my face and wiped off and I have no idea what they all were. I do know that I liked how it felt. I could have fallen asleep on that table!

Alright, let’s get on to the final opinions.

Before on the left and after on the right

I would say I really liked getting a facial. It was relaxing, my face felt awesome right after, and overall it was really nice being able to treat myself. I’d definitely get one again. It’s now been a few weeks and I will say in the day following my facial I saw a few pimples pop up. I typically only get one zit at a time and it’s around my period. Somehow three nasty little pimples popped up in the day or two following my facial. I don’t know what happened but getting a facial was the only thing I did differently. Even with an increase in zits I’d still get another facial. It was so nice and I honestly don’t even know if the zits were caused by the facial so, might as well try again, right?!

Have you ever had a facial? Did you like it? I want to hear about your experience!!!

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