Keeping Cool With This Look

Hi Lovely!

A few weekends ago we had a spell of warm weather so I busted out my cute (yet comfy) ice cream dress. The fabric is nice and stretchy which allows for maximum comfort when you feel like you might die from heat exhaustion. Since it was worm I decided not to add much on the accessories side. When I’m sweaty the last thing I want is to be dealing with chunky necklaces getting stuck to my chest.

As you might notice I have a new ita bag! My purple bag’s zipper broke so I bought a new one. Then I ended up fixing the purple bag so I now have two ita backpacks! I’m not complaining. What I love about ita bags is that I can display cute charms and pins without having to worry about then falling off or getting banged up. They’re safe and protected for the world to see and enjoy.

♥ Dress | H & M ♥ Shoes | Bait ♥ Backpack | AliExpress ♥ Headband | Hot Topic ♥

I’ve been really enjoying using a backpack lately instead of a purse. I’ve noticed that I always end up over packing my purses which causes pain in my shoulders from carrying the weight. Wearing a backpack helps distribute the weight. It just seems more practical.

While I do love wearing my cute backpacks I can’t help but feel like it makes me seem too young. I’ve had a few instances where people thought I was a high schooler and, while I love looking younger than I really am, it makes me feel silly. Am I the lady dressing too young for her age that others snicker about? My bags have charms, plushies, and pins all over them. That’s just the way I like them. I mean, if it makes me happy then who cares. Right? So what if others don’t get it. They don’t have to.

What are your thoughts on the backpack trend?

7 thoughts on “Keeping Cool With This Look

  1. I love backpacks! And I defo don’t think they look too young! I only ever use backpacks now and my only complaint is that its annoying getting my phone in and out as my skirts and dresses don’t have pockets!

    But no you’re defo not and lady people snicker at! You always look super cute too cute to be snickered at! 😀

    • Using a backpack is just so convenient! I agree about having to get your wallet or phone. I’ve started wearing a very small purse with my backpacks that only holds my money and phone. That way I don’t have to take it off.

      Thank you, hon!

  2. I think backpacks are adorable, but they seem kind of inconvenient….I can’t just reach in, I have to take it off, unzip and take out what I need? (Am I overthinking this? Do I need to suck it up and just get a backpack already? lol)

    • I totally agree. It can be a pain. I not either carry a small purse with my wallet and phone in it with my backpack or I have a sipper pouch attached to my backpack that has my money so I don’t have to take it off to pay for stuff.

  3. I think you dress in a way that suits you! I got mistaken for a highschool senior the other day in full pinup garb. I was like “uhhhh… no…?” lol! I love this dress on you. It matches your personality SO WELL.

  4. I have always carried a backpack with me forever.

    The funny is that my son (who is 20) would laugh at me and say that when we bury you, that a backpack is going with you in your coffin when he was younger.

    Now, he carries a backpack everywhere.

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