Treat Yo Self!

Hi Lovely!

The weather here in Washington has finally started to warm up! I busted out my shorts today for a fun little ladies day in Seattle with my friend, Jessica! It was a blast! We went up to have our first facials (blog post to come) and grab some yummy food. It got up to the 70s and I was definitely having a tough time with the warmer weather. I need to start carrying sunscreen and anti-chafing gel with me (haha).

Alright back on topic. Jessica and I have both been crazy busy and had a lot of stuff going on so taking a day to spend quality time together was really nice. I needed this day to just rest up and hang with my awesome lady friend.

For me, I’ve been pretty busy with work. At my old job I had finally got to a place where I didn’t feel stressed. In my new position I’m still learning, still figuring things out, and have a lot on my plate. It can be overwhelming from time to time. I needed a day to spend quality time with my dear friend. It took my mind off of everything else. It was perfect.

I know sometimes things can feel overwhelming. Things can weigh on you. For me, I like to do something for myself. Whether that’s taking time to read a book or buying that dress you’ve been eyeing, do something for you. Allow yourself time to tune everything out and do something that makes you happy. It isn’t always easy but it is completely necessary.

So go do something for you. Treat yo self! Spend time on yourself.

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