Summer Vibes

Hi Lovely!

I hope you had an awesome long weekend! I hung out with friends and spent some quality time with Fletch. It was really nice being able to just enjoy the time off of work. I feel like we’re always just rushing around, trying to get things done before it’s Monday again so giving ourselves the freedom to just relax was really nice.

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The weekend started off strong with a delicious lunch with my friend, Barbara, and a fun dinner and movie night with my friend Karissa. Karissa had never seen a Studio Ghibli movie before so Fletch and I sat her down to watch our favorite, Spirited Away. She loved it!! We ate a yummy meal as we watched a creative, imaginative movie.

On Sunday Fletch and I took a trip up to Seattle to see the Jim Henson exhibit at the Museum of Pop Culture. It was pretty spectacular. We got to see Kermit in person! I’ll share more about it later but it was a ton of fun.

On Monday I saw my friend, Meagan. I haven’t seen her since her wedding last summer so getting to spend quality time with her was really special. Overall, a great weekend.

How did you spend your weekend? Do anything fun?

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