It’s all about your attitude

Hi Lovely!!

This weekend was… interesting, to say the least. On Wednesday evening Fletch realized our toilet was clogged. He spent 30 minutes trying to get the darn thing fixed with no luck. This isn’t an unusual thing for our house. The house we rent is old and we’ve had issues in the past with the plumbing. On Thursday a plumber comes out and determines that it’s too complicated for him and that someone else has to come out. On Friday a plumber comes out and spends hours messing with the plumbing. When I come home we check on the bathroom only to find a pool of sewage water all over the ground. I won’t go into too much detail but it was a crappy situation (literally) and poo was everywhere. At this point we could no longer use the plumbing for fear of screwing up more stuff. The plumber on Friday found a hole in the pipe under the house so water was everywhere down there. So, Friday we stayed at a hotel and headed back to the house to check on things Saturday.

A new team that has worked with the house owner in the past came out Saturday. They spent all day re-piping the stuff under the house. I know nothing about plumbing so.. yeah they fixed all of that under the house. The team of two were at the house until 12:30am getting it finished. Another individual came out and ripped out the carpet where the sewage water was and said he’d come back when the plumbing was fixed. We stayed at a hotel Saturday night and now we’re at the current moment, Sunday morning.

We’re at the hotel getting ready for the day. We can now use our plumbing but the bathroom is still covered in sewage residue. The hope is that we can get someone out to clean up all of that.

Why did I tell you all of that? Well, I’m telling you because I’m really proud of the way I handled it. I’m a worrier. I stress out, I cry over small things, and I sometimes don’t handle things as well as I could. In this situation I knew that freaking out wouldn’t help any thing. All we could do is try to get things fixed. I needed to change my attitude towards the whole thing.

It’s been a long weekend but it’s looking like our issues will be resolved soon. I had a great weekend spending time with Fletch and our puppy, Lily. I’m thankful I have such a lovely family. There’s no one I’d rather be stuck in a shitty situation with than my partner and pup.

What have you been up to?

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