Happy Mother’s Day!!

Hi Lovely!

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you all had a spectacular day. I spent my day hanging out with my super-rad brother, Dayton, and  my awesome (and super-cute) partner, Fletch. We had a great time eating a scrumptious brunch and walking around Seattle. Fletch’s Mom is in Memphis and my Mother passed last year so getting together with family seemed like the best plan for today. It was perfect.

My Mom was my biggest cheerleader. She supported me in everything I did. Both of my parents did/do. When she was around I didn’t appreciate our closeness as much as I do now. I called her daily to see how she was doing. When shopping I’d text her photos of the dresses I liked to get her opinion. Before every job interview I called her so she could boost my confidence.

Today I remember all of the fond moments I had with her. The above photo was during a trip my parents took me on to tour colleges. We flew down from Alaska and made stops all over Washington and Oregon.

When I was 16 my parents took me and my friend, Jory, on a cruise to Mexico. At one of the stops we took some time to walk around the shops. At one point Jory and I walked into a jewelry store to look around. We were then offered free drinks from the bar located inside the store. They gave us each a margarita which Jory immediately tried to give back. I didn’t want it to go to waste so I took them both and we walked out. At the time my Mom was having issues with her muscles and couldn’t walk for long so she was riding around town on a scooter. So there I was, 16, walking out of a jewelry store, double fisting margaritas, and my Mom rolls up on her scooter. I was caught. I had to think fast.

My Mom said, “Hilary Marie! What are you doing?” Luckily I was quick on my feet. I quickly offered her one of the margaritas. “Mom! Here you go! I got this for you.” She was pleased and rolled past without any further discussion. She was pleased by her drink and didn’t have a care in the world.

I’m a lucky lady to have such a rad Mom and I’m thankful for every moment I had with her.

Love you all!

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