Why I Blog

Hi Lovely!

I spent most of the day today going through stuff out in our storage. It’s crazy how long a task like that takes!! I think we started around 11am and didn’t finish until about 2pm. There’s still a lot that we need to go through but I managed to donate a fair amount of things.

One of the items I re-discovered in storage was a small plastic bin that contained a ton of cards I received. I decided to look through the cards and get rid of the less sentimental ones. That’s when I found a card from my mom. She sent the card because she wanted to tell me how much she loved my blog. She told me that she found joy and inspiration in my posts. Her words helped remind me why I blog.

I blog because I love connecting with people. I’ve always been a people person and blogging has allowed me to meet really awesome people from around the world. I feel so incredibly lucky for making such wonderful relationships.

I started this blog to bring light into the world and there have been many times where I wonder whether I’m meeting that goal. Re-reading that card from my mom helped me realize that I am. My mom loved reading my blog. She went through a really hard time and reading my posts brought joy to her days. That’s pretty darn cool. I can only hope that my posts do the same for you and anyone else who reads my little space of the internet.

I blog because I enjoy it. I blog because it has allowed me to meet rad people. I blog in hope of bringing joy to those who check out my posts. I love and appreciate you all so much. Thank you for being so wonderful.

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