Stepping out of your comfort zone

Hi Lovely!

Today I went to a fun blogger event in Seattle. My super-awesome friend, Jessica, attended the event with me. She doesn’t blog but she always enjoys trying new things. We started talking about attending blogging events and trying new things. Of course, now as I sit here before going to bed, I’m thinking about how blogging has taken me out of my comfort zone. I’ve tried so many new things thanks to my blog: I visited Austin for a blogging conference, a trip I took all by myself (which was terrifying); I tried new foods (some I’ve liked and some I didn’t); and I saw the tulip fields and took some adorable photos! I think you get the point. I’ve done some cool stuff and I’ve done so many new things because of my blog.

To people who know me they might think I’m a super outgoing person. In many respects I can be. If I’m going somewhere new or going somewhere alone I get really nervous. Meeting new people initially freaks me out and it’s not until I’m in an environment for a little while that I get comfortable. Once I’m comfortable I can be super-outgoing but it takes me a little while to get me there. Blogging has helped me face that anxiety head on. I’m also not one to try something new without typically being nudged into it.

I eat the same meals when I go to restaurants and take the same route home from work–I like my routine. Since having a blog I’ve tried to be more active at finding new things to try out. I want to provide interesting content to all of you lovely peeps so I go to events, I eat weird foods and take photos/videos, and I test out new stuff. I’ve put myself out there a lot more over the past few years and that’s pretty darn cool.

I’m so glad I started blogging when I did. I’ve developed into a person much more willing to try new things and I’m thankful for that. I’m really happy with where I am.

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