Sakura-Con 2017

Hi Lovely!

I recently attended the super adorable Sakura-Con in Seattle! In case you don’t know what Sakura-Con is, it’s an anime convention that recently celebrated 20 years! The conference included panels, a dealers room, an artist alley, a gaming area, a craft room and so much more!! I was amazed at how much they had and relieved that we had several days to see it all. It reminded me of Emerald City Comicon back in the day.


My friend Mikaela and her boyfriend, Mike, came up from Portland to attend the convention. Our first day started with a Lolita on a budget panel. It was cool to learn more about Lolita and to hear ways to save money. We then spent a large portion of the day shopping. I wanted to make sure I made my purchases early in case things sold out (which happens from time to time).

Our shopping started in artist alley. I did pretty well at restraining myself on purchases, that is until I found Mis0happy and s2heart‘s booths. They both have such cute stuff!! I bought a few items from each seller before we headed off to more adventure.

After killing some time walking around, Mikaela and I attended the Saturday fashion show while Mike went to another panel. The fashion show had two sections. The first was really bright and energetic. It featured really cute decora fashion styled by the 6% Doki crew. The second part of the show had a much more tranquil vibe. The pieces were inspired by traditional Japanese style. It was pretty cool! You can see a few clips from the fashion show in my Sakura-Con vlog (which is at the bottom of this post).

After the fashion show we met back up with Mike and headed off to the dealer area. This is where I got into trouble. I bought some super-cute plushies and walked about a lot. Below is a photo of me posing with Mike. We were using matching reusable bags to carry around our goodies. Twinsies!

After shopping we decided to head home. We were pretty beat and needed to rest.


Sunday was a much more relaxed day. We got to the convention around 10:15am. Mike went to a panel while Mikaela and I headed off to another fashion show. The theme was J-street and Lolita fashion. I really loved seeing the different styles!!

After the fashion show we took another quick walk around the dealer area so I could pick up another plush that I had seen on Saturday. I had told myself that if I was still thinking about it on Sunday that I’d get it. I’m so glad I did!!

After I bought my adorable Pikachu we checked out the gaming area. There were a ton of games crammed into a small space with a lot of people. We walked around it really quick before leaving and taking a little rest.

After a brief rest on a bench we decided to head out. All of us were pretty tired and ready to be done.

Overall it was a fun weekend!! I enjoyed Sakura-Con and loved seeing all of the awesome dealers. I even got to chat with the BB and B owners which was really exciting! You may remember my review of one of their necklaces. It was really cool to meet the amazing people behind such a cute store.

I definitely want to go again next year. I hope in 2018 I can take Fletch with me so I can show him all of the cute things (and maybe he will help me restrain myself better).

Oh! Here is me and Mikaela with cute Totoro stuff.

Check out my vlog from the weekend here:

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