Another adorable pastel outfit plus a review of my new BB and B necklace!

Hi Lovely!

I’m super excited about today’s outfit!! Recently BB and B asked bloggers to apply to review an item from their shop. Well, I put in an application and was thrilled to find out that I was accepted (yay!). As soon as I received the adorable necklace I picked out I started planning out an outfit to pair it with. I settled on my adorable pink dress from Bonne Chance Collections. I thought the colors would compliment the necklace well.

♥ Dress | Bonne Chance Collections ♥ Sweater | Doll Me Up ♥ Shoes | H & M ♥ Necklace | BB and B ♥

My first introduction to BB and B was at Sakuracon in Seattle last year. I saw their adorable booth and immediately fell in love. Their items are cute, whimsical, and scrumptious (but not edible). I’ve been following them on Instagram for a while now and I’ve loved seeing photos of their products. I chose this adorable necklace because I personally love macarons (so that was a bonus) and I liked the cute little raspberries in the center.

Overall I’d say this is a really nice necklace. The retail cost for this cutie is $32. It’s a little expensive but, considering I wouldn’t be able to make it myself, seems to be worth the price. I’m really excited to see what other outfits I can wear it with.

I hope you enjoyed my outfit and my styling of this adorable BB and B necklace! How would you style it?

Also, if you want one for yourself use code hellothecutielife to receive a discount!

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