Life Doesn’t Give Us Purpose.

Hi Lovely!

I spent my weekend at Emerald City Comicon with Fletch. We walked around, did some shopping, and got to see a ton of awesome people. The weekend had me reflecting on my purpose. See, at comicon I saw a ton of people selling their art and following, what seems to be, their passion. I’m nearly 30 and I still don’t really know what it is I’m supposed to be doing.

Then again, maybe I don’t need to find purpose in a job.

I’m doing a pretty good job at having a life while also working. I blog, I make time for friends and family, and I make sure to make time for me. I do my best to make others feel loved, appreciated, encouraged, and supported. All of that brings me great joy. What I need to do is learn to be happy with where I am in life but also work consistently towards figuring out what else I’d like to do with my time.

I’m happy with where I am in life right now but I know how important it is to continue to grow. I’d like to do more for others, maybe volunteer. Who knows what the future will bring me. Regardless of what comes my way I know that I will always find joy in the little joys of life and always strive to make this world a better place.

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