Fashion changes, but style endures.

Hi Lovely!

This weekend I spent quality time with Fletch, which was wonderful. While out with Fletch I visited a cafe I haven’t been to in months. I used to frequent the establishment when I worked at my last job and haven’t been back since I left. While there the owner asked why I was so dressed up. I replied with, “this is how I dress”. This little interaction got me thinking about style. I don’t dress like a lot of my friends in my immediate vicinity. That’s not a bad thing. I love the way I dress. My cute dresses make me happy. My pins lighten my spirit. My adorable accessories bring me joy. So who cares if I don’t dress like everyone else?

If I’m honest I’d say that being in the style scene in Seattle can sometimes make me feel like an outcast. My style doesn’t fit in. BUT, then I think about it, and honestly I don’t think I’d want to fit in. I’m happy being a bright ray of sunny color that makes others take a second look. I love having people look forward to seeing which pins I’ll wear.

My style is a reflection of my personality and when I show off my personality, I’m happy. I know sometimes it can be hard to show off your style. Especially if you don’t dress like everyone else. But if it makes you happy then who cares? Wear what brings you joy! Fashion comes and goes but style never goes out of style.

Love you all!

One thought on “Fashion changes, but style endures.

  1. I’ve been putting more effort into how I dress lately, and it helps my confidence quite a bit. Sure, people sometimes comment on how “overdressed” I am, but more often than not, people tell me that I look really nice, which makes me feel even better. As long as you like what you’re wearing, that’s all that matters! Others most likely wish they had your confidence and unique style anyway

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