Kumoricon Recap | Portland Anime Convention

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Last weekend Fletch and I headed off to Portland to attend Kumoricon, an anime convention. I went to Sakura Con for the first time a few months ago and really liked it so when I heard about another local anime con, I decided I needed to check it out.

I knew a few people attending and it seemed like it would be a fun time. Sweet Fletch was nice enough to come along for the journey and help me take photos and video. I’m so glad he came!! Not only would it have been difficult to get all of the footage and photos by myself but his company was much appreciated. This may surprise you but I can be pretty shy when I’m in a new environment and a con like this would have been pretty uncomfortable.

We started our journey early Saturday morning. I wanted to get to the convention early to beat some of the crowds. We arrived in Portland around 10am and went straight to the convention center. We spent the first day doing a bit of shopping and attending a few panels. This was the first convention I’ve been to where I could actually attend panels. It was pretty great! We got done around 5pm, grabbed food then headed to my friend Alaina’s house to rest. We stayed in the rest of the night and turned in around 10pm.




On Sunday we had breakfast with Alaina then headed back to the convention. We walked around a bit more, took more video footage, and then met up with my friends Laura, Katie, and Nicole. They were dressed as the Chanels from Scream Queens and looked amazing!! I loved their costumes! We hung out with them for about an hour then headed back to Tacoma.


We made a quick stop off in St. Helens, Oregon to visit Spirit of Halloweentown, the location where the Disney movie Halloweentown was filmed. We took a few photos then headed back on the road. We didn’t get home until about 6:30pm and just hung out at home the rest of the night. We were pretty exhausted and both fell asleep on the couch.




Overall I’d say Kumoricon was pretty fun!! I’m not sure I’d make the journey all the way to Portland again for it BUT if you live in the area its definitely worth checking out. There were a ton of cool cosplays, some awesome shopping, and really interesting panels. I’m really glad I was able to go (so thanks Kumoricon for my passes!!)

What are your thoughts on conventions? Ever been to any or are there some you want to attend?

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