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This is the second post in my super-awesome recap of my honeymoon. I previously posted about my time in London (click HERE to read all about it) and now we’re on to Venice!

Fletch and I spent three nights in Venice after leaving London. We took a private water taxi right to our hotel from the airport and that was pretty amazing. We had the whole boat to ourselves. It was wonderful being taken directly to our hotel too. We didn’t have to wander around Venice dragging suitcases or getting lost.

Day One
After arriving in Venice we decided to stick pretty close to our hotel. Our hotel, Hotel Christina, was positioned in the best location right on the water and it had a ton of restaurants and touristy-things close by. We walked down the main tourist drag, looking at souvenir shops and stopping to gaze at the Bridge of Sighs. We took it pretty easy just walking about and finally grabbing some food. We decided to stop at a restaurant near our hotel and we both had margherita pizza. It was the most delicious pizza of my life! Yum! (Alright now I want pizza.) After food we went back to the hotel and watched VH1 Italia. About every other song was in English and we enjoyed hearing something familiar. We finished off the night with a quick trip up to the top of our hotel to see the view. Needless to say it was gorgeous. We sat up there for a little while then headed off to bed.

bridge of sighs

view from our hotel rooftop

Day Two
Our second day began with breakfast at the hotel then we were off for a combo walking tour of Venice and the Doge’s Palace. We had debated booking the tour but I was really glad we did. The walking tour alone helped us get a better understanding of the city and, thanks to the combo, we were able to skip the giant line at the Doge’s Palace. I’d say the Doge’s Palace was cool but if you miss it you won’t die.morning coffee

walking tour

Doge's PalaceAfter the walking tour we were feeling pretty tired so we grabbed some food. We had been walking around and couldn’t decide on a restaurant to stop at. It got to a point where I turned to Fletch and said, “I don’t care where we eat I just need food!” So, we stopped at a little place right in the middle of some random square and it was honestly the best meal of my life!! We had lasagna but it was made with some type of white sauce. It was so yummy! Nothing could compare to that delicious food. Once we were done with our meals we went back to the hotel to rest for a bit, and watch more VH1 Italia. After an hour or so of relaxing we went back out to adventure about.

best lasagna ever


We started by heading to the tourist area and slowly venturing out. We must have taken one too many turns because after a short bit of time we realized we were lost. When reading up on Venice everyone said to enjoy getting lost in the beautiful city. Let me tell you, I did not enjoy it. I’m not a person that handles getting lost well PLUS my feet were killing me from walking all morning. We ended up accidentally walking across the island to the opposite side of the shore. By the time we got back to the hotel all I could do was cry from the pain my tootsies were in. Fletch, being the amazing and sweet person he is, put on some funny YouTube videos for me and went out to grab us pizza. He turned that whole situation around.

Day Three
Our third and last full day in Venice was spent just kind of walking around and taking in the sites. We had a gondola ride scheduled for later in the day so we decided to just keep it a lax day. It was wonderful! We had time to grab a few gifts for people while trying to see a few more bits of the city that we hadn’t seen before.We're in Venice

The gondola was wonderful. We went the cheap route and booked a gondola with four other people. We all ended up being Americans, go figure, and spent the 30ish minute trip chatting about our travels and homes. While I wish it had been just the two of us, it was still a really fun and special end to our time in Venice. If you go to Venice you HAVE to do a gondola (but don’t expect them to sing).

gondola ride

Overall, I’d say honestly Venice wasn’t my favorite city. I’m really glad we went but I probably won’t go out of my way to visit again. With that said, Fletch absolutely loved it. He is one of those people that loves getting lost and just wants to be by the water at all times. Venice was definitely right up his alley. For me, someone that hates being lost and doesn’t know how to swim, not ideal (but I still enjoyed it).

Getting from Venice to Florence was an interesting journey. We had to navigate the water taxi system for the first time and let me tell you, it is NOT the smoothest ride. I immediately felt sick and that feeling stuck with me the rest of the day.

On the train from Venice to Florence I sat next to a smelly man that grew more and more strange as the journey pressed on. He would turn his head TOWARDS ME to cough, blow his nose into a handkerchief (which grosses me out), and farted multiple times. Needless to say I was eager to get off the train once we arrived in Florence.

Next up on our journey: FLORENCE!

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