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I can’t believe I’m almost done with my recap(s) of my wonderful trip to Italy. We just covered Fletch and mine’s time in Florence and now we’re on to Sorrento!! We traveled south to stay in this adorable town because I wanted to see Pompeii while in Italy. I don’t want to get into too much just yet so let’s get on to the day by day recap!

Day One
Our journey from Florence was an interesting one. First we took a train from Florence to Naples then switched to another train to finish our journey. We ended up grabbing the longer, cheaper train out to Sorrento from Naples which meant an hour and a half of standing with our suitcases on a hot, crowded train. Needless to say, we were VERY excited when we arrived in Sorrento and were able to get off the train. We ended up getting there about an hour earlier than our scheduled shuttle was to meet us so we sat in the shade and chatted. It was a nice, relaxing way to wait. Located in the same building as the train station was a travel agency. We decided to throw caution to the wind and book a last minute trip along the Amalfi Coast. We had talked about it when planning our itinerary but decided to take it off to save money.

After our long wait our shuttle picked us up and we were off to see our beautiful hotel. Our travel agent splurged in Sorrento since we would be there the longest (and I’m so glad she did!) We pulled up to the Hotel Cristina and I was in awe. The hotel was built right into the side of the mountain. Our room had a beautiful balcony that looked over the city. We couldn’t have asked for a better hotel.



Our hotel was located up on a hill just outside of the city center so you had to catch the complimentary shuttle to get there. We decided to get cleaned up a bit and get back out into the city for a bit of exploring. We grabbed some gelato from a little shop and went on to walk down a few really crowded allies filled with shops. It was my favorite area in town. There was just so much!! We ended up finding a really cool magical themed shop and Fletch bought me Luna’s wand (from Harry Potter)! Best souvenir EVER!


After a bit of walking we grabbed some food. After dinner the restaurant brought out complimentary lemon cello. It was not my favorite alcoholic drink. Too lemony. After food we headed back to the hotel to rest for the next day.

Day Two
We spent the majority of our second day visiting Pompeii and Herculaneum. This was my favorite part of the trip!! I’m a huge history buff (I watch documentaries for fun) so seeing these cities in person was just amazing. The first stop on our adventure was Pompeii. I’ve watched several documentaries about the city but it was a completely different experience seeing it in person.



You walk through the streets of this town that was completely destroyed and see homes that are preserved. I couldn’t help but feel great sadness walking through the town and seeing the ruins. So many people lost their lives there.

Next up was Herculaneum. To be honest I had never even heard of the city. Herculaneum was covered by the series of volcanic eruptions that also covered Pompeii. It isn’t as famous as Pompeii but the buildings are even better preserved. I definitely suggest visiting both sites if you can. They were amazing!



After our big day trip we decided to take it easy back at the hotel. We had drinks by the pool, which was on the roof and had an amazing view, then enjoyed dinner in the restaurant at the hotel. After dinner we watched a movie back in the room and fell asleep. The perfect end to a wonderful day.

Day Three
Our third day was spent relaxing in Sorrento. We had a day trip the day before and were doing a day trip the next day so taking it easy sounded perfect. We started the day leisurely before heading into town. We walked around for a bit then headed back to the hotel to enjoy the pool. Fun fact: Fletch and I had never been in a pool together before. It was a really fun experience.


After a little swim we decided to head back into town for dinner. We ended up going to a big restaurant located right in the center of town. We were sat right in-between two tables of English speakers. To our left sat two American guys and to our right an Australian couple. The meal was not that great but the conversations we had with those seated next to us were amazing. It was such fun getting to know strangers!


We finished up our meal and headed back to the hotel for some much needed rest. We were headed off to the Amalfi Coast the next day and wanted to make sure we were ready!

Day Four
Our last day in Sorrento was spent touring the Amalfi Coast. We had booked this little adventure when we had first arrived at the train station in Sorrento. We had heard that it was beautiful so we figured we’d better check it out.

The tour itself was really cool. The tour guide had the bus stop several times along the journey so that we could all get photos and even offered to snap photos for us. They were some of the few photos we got that weren’t selfies!


We visited a few different cities along the coast but my favorite part of the journey was a boat ride. The tour guide offered it as an extra offer if enough people from the tour wanted to go. Fletch and I decided to go for it and see the cities from a new perspective, the water. I’m so glad we did!! It was such a fun way to see the coast and enjoy just sitting together. Fletch put his arm around me and we just enjoyed being together in a beautiful place. I feel like we don’t get to to do that very often.


The tour was wonderful but left us pretty tired. We finished the rest of the day back in our hotel so we could pack and rest. The next day we had to catch a train to Naples before flying home. Let me tell you, the cab ride from the train station in Naples to our hotel was one of the scariest things ever! I thought we were going to die.

We walked out of the train station and were immediately greeted by a man asking if we needed a taxi. We had no idea where the taxis were so our plan was to just walk around until we found the right area. Well, this pushy man kept asking and we responded with yes we need a taxi. The guy then grabbed my suitcase and started walking to his car. I was in shock. We stupidly went with the man and quickly realized he wasn’t a real taxi driver at all. His car was run down, had no signs or licenses and the guy had to stop to ask for directions to our hotel. When the driver stepped out of the car to ask for directions I turned to Fletch and said, “are you scared we’re going to die?” Fletch responded with a, “oh yeah.” The driver got back in the car and proceeded to our hotel. I am happy to say we are alive with all of our organs and possessions but it was very scary. So, a word to the wise. Do not go into a stranger’s car no matter how persistent or pushy.

Alright, I’m going to write one last post that will essentially be a reflection of the entire trip as a whole. I’d hate to leave off with a scary cab ride through Naples.

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