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I’m back from my big adventure abroad and I’m so excited to share my journey with you!! Yay!! I’m sorry it took so long!! Life has been hectic and I’m just now getting to editing all of our photos and videos. Better late then never, right?!

The first edition of my travel posts is all about London! I consider London to be my spirit city. I studied abroad in London for five months while in college and fell in love. When Fletch and I decided to go abroad I immediately proposed stopping in London before hand. I was thrilled when Fletch told me he’d love to make the pitstop. Fletch and I had just started dating when I studied abroad and that time away from each other really tested our relationship. Being able to share at least a piece of that experience with Fletch now was pretty special.

So, Fletch and I set off on our big honeymoon, first stopping in London and going on to Italy. In London we stayed in the Hilton at Green Park. It was perfectly located! Right in central London, a five minute walk from Buckingham Palace, and right by a tube stop. Absolutely perfect! We only had two and a half days in London so we tried to cram in as much as we could. I think we did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself!

Day One
We arrived in London around 2pm and were at our hotel by 4pm. We dropped our stuff off at the hotel, cleaned up a bit, and went out into the busy streets of London to have a little adventure. As I said, our hotel was really close to a tube station so we grabbed two Oyster cards, to be used during our time in London, and ventured on to Covent Garden to find an adorable Kawaii shop called Art Box.

We had a really hard time finding the shop and wound up happening upon  a really fun Moomin Store. I mean, an entire store devoted to Moomin. I couldn’t believe it!


After the Moomin store we wandered around the area a bit more, looking at shops, and decided to stop at a Southern Barbecue restaurant. I mean, when in London you eat Southern food. The restaurant we stopped at ended up having wifi so I took one more stab at finding Art Box. I’m so glad I did because we ended up being right next to it! We just needed to walk a bit farther down the street.

The adorable Kawaii shop sold San-X goodies, items from Tofu Cute, and lots of other cute things. I ended up buying a few really cute pins (which were impulse buys that I am so glad I bought), a really cute Rilakkuma magnet, and a super-adorable Hello Kitty plushie (she is a sushi roll!).

After finally finding the shop we headed back to the hotel to rest up. We wanted to stay up until at least 9pm but wound up falling asleep around 8:30pm. I mean, it was a very long day!

Day Two
The next day we woke up early to check out Abbey Road Studio. It was the main thing Fletch wanted to do and we both wanted to beat some of the tourist rush. I think we planned it perfectly because there weren’t swarms of people and we were able to get a few cute photos in front of the actual studio. Something you may not know is that the street right outside of the recording studio, where The Beatles took the iconic photo of them crossing the street, is actually a very busy street. When people try and get a similar photo to the original they hold up a ton of traffic. So, I took a quick photo of Fletch actually crossing the street instead of making him pose. It isn’t the coolest thing in the world but it works.

Abbey Road

After Abbey Road we went off to Camden Market!! Possibly my favorite place in London. I adore how unique the area is and all of the cute stuff you can find. As soon as you step out of the tube station for Camden you immediately sense a change in the culture. It’s much more alternative compared to other areas in London. When you walk into the market you are greeted by stands and stalls with people selling things from bootleg CDs to t-shirts, to art. It’s a really eclectic mix of goods. Fletch ended up buying a few t-shirts and I purchased a tank top, a bracelet, and a super-cute dress.

Once we had shopped to our heart’s content we decided to re-charge with lunch. I took Fletch to my favorite chain, Nando’s. It was like being home! When I lived in London I loved going to Nando’s because it was cheap, yummy, and they had a punch card system! Buy enough food and you’d eventually get a full chicken! Yum! Unfortunately, Fletch was not very impressed but I sure had a good time!

From there we decided to stop off at Baker Street. I wanted to show Fletch where the fake Sherlock Holmes apartment was. There was a huge line out front filled with fellow tourists waiting to get in so we decided to snap a quick photo and move on. On our way back to the tube station we found a cute bookstore that immediately caught my eye (pops and cute London stuff). We stopped in and I decided to buy myself a cute London pin, a Hogwarts pin, and, of course, a Sherlock Holmes pop vinyl. When in London on Baker Street you buy Sherlock Holmes goodies.

Baker street

As I said, we only had two and a half days so we truly crammed a ton into each day. I mean, I’m still not done with a full recap of our second day in London. After Baker Street we spent our evening in Oxford Circus.

If you visit London and want to do any shopping I definitely suggest hitting up Oxford Circus! They have everything and even a few fun souvenir filled shops. I ended up buying a really cute Hello Kitty plush from a souvenir shop. I absolutely love her!! We ended up finding a Disney store too so we had to stop. I  found a really cute Tsum Tsum dessert themed water bottle and Fletch bought an exclusive Spider-Man Pop Vinyl. We spent some more time walking around the area before grabbing dinner and heading back to the hotel. It was a pretty jam-packed day!

Day Three
We decided to make our third day in London a truly tourist-filled day. We visited Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park (specifically the Peter Pan statue), Big Ben, Parliament, and the Tower Bridge. We figured it would be more fun that way. You know, just bust it all out at once.

Tower Bridge

Peter Pan

Buckingham Palace

Big Ben, London

After seeing a ton of tourist stuff we went back to the hotel to rest for a bit. After our rest we went back out to grab food and head back to Oxford Circus. I wanted to visit Primark before we left, and I’m so glad I did!! Fletch loved the store and I picked up a ton of really cute stuff. The perfect way to end our time in London, if I do say so myself.

London was so great and I’m really happy we made the stop before heading to Italy. I had a chance to share a city that had a huge impact on me with my wonderful life partner. For me, the highlights would be visiting Camden Market and seeing Fletch’s reaction to Primark. Fletch is not really a shopper and Primark was the first time I had ever seen him excited about shopping. That is not an exaggeration. Fletch never gets excited about shopping and he was walking around Primark, filled with glee, over the prices. It was awesome.

After London we went off to Venice but I’ll tell you about that later. P.s. here are a few of my goodies.

london haul

My haul from London, not including my Primark goodies.

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