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I recently attended GeekGirlCon for my very first time. I knew people that had gone in the previous years but I somehow always managed to miss it! Well, this year I decided early on that I wanted to go. I applied for press passes a few months ago and then found out about a month ago that I was accepted! Let me tell you, I was so excited!! Knowing that organizations appreciate my work so much that they want me to cover their events makes me so happy. Okay, let me get on with the recap!!


Fletch and I arrived shortly after 10am to find a HUGE line of people waiting to get their passes. Since we were press we were able to skip the line and go straight in. The press line ended up taking a while and we missed the first panel I wanted to see. We decided to check out the exhibits to kill time before the next panel we wanted to see, Women in Pixar, and to wait for Kelsey from Fangirl Crafter, who was meeting up with us to enjoy the con.emp

I was surprised at the amount of exhibitors. There were a ton of booths!! I met a lot of really amazing artists and I even got to see the wonderful Amy of LoveCherie Jewelry (I know her from Instagram so it was nice to meet IRL). I ended up buying some beautiful prints and a few super-cute buttons, which is pretty typical for me.

We took a short break from shopping to attend the Pixar panel. I’m so glad we decided to check this one out because it was really good! It was really cool to hear how the different paths that each member of the panel took to wind up at Pixar. For me, a huge Pixar fan, I loved learning more about the people behind some of my favorite movies. They shared their struggles, their accomplishments, and lots of tips to those seeking a career in animation. The panel was definitely a highlight of the convention for me.


After the panel we headed back to the exhibitor area to finish looking at the booths. After we saw all that we could see we decided it was time for a much needed food break. Kelsey and I ate delicious crepes while Fletch enjoyed a burrito. After eating we decided that it was time to call it a day and head home.

Overall I’d say that I really enjoyed GeekGirlCon and look forward to seeing how it grows and changes. Fletch and I had a nice conversation about GGC and how it differs from other events in the area. Seattle has PAX, a gaming convention, and Emerald City Comicon (ECCC), a comic book convention that is becoming more and more pop-culture focused. I’d say that GeekGirlCon is similar to ECCC but I like that the panels and discussions happening at the event are women-centered. The mission of GGC is as follows:

“GeekGirlCon celebrates and honors the legacy of women contributing to science and technology; comics, arts, and literature; and game play and game design by connecting geeky women worldwide and creating community to foster continued growth of women in geek culture through events.”

That is pretty cool, right? They even have a list of values that specifically say that anyone is welcome and that it’s a safe place (and other stuff you can read here). I’m glad that the organizers of GGC are creating a place for women to connect and share their passions. So, if you live in the Seattle area then you need to go next year.

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  1. You are not going to like me on this one.

    Pixar is in my backyard and I have been trying to get a tour for my students for years. They are a closed studio and do not offer tours at all. They are so closed that the Oakland Museum did a special exhibit called the “History of Pixar” and no pics where allowed to be taken. It was security up the ying-yang. I sneaked a couple with my phone but if I was caught I would have been tossed on the spot.

    I did get to go there on a special deal with a couple of students last year but they made us turn off our phones and they made sure that they were off the whole time.

    LucasFlim in the San Francisco Presidio allows you to take all the pics you want in the lobby.

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