Feeling Magical At The Beach

Hi Lovely!

Over the weekend Fletch and I visited Ocean Shores! My big brother shot me a text on Saturday letting me know he was staying there over the weekend with his girlfriend and invited me and Fletch to come hang out. We had already wanted to take a little day trip so it was perfect! We spent the day flying kites, adventuring, and eating yummy food. It was so lovely! I made sure to take a quick break from all the fun to snap a few outfit photos. I was really digging my look!!

Sailor Moon shirt

Outfit DetailsNEW
♥ Shirt | Seattle Sailor Moon Day ♥ Skirt | Amazon ♥ Sweater | ModCloth (similar) ♥ Shoes | Nordstrom ♥
♥ Magical Girl Gang pin | The Pink Samurai ♥

Pastel Style

sailor moon day

sailor moon style

tough sailor moon

I wasn’t able to make it out to International Sailor Moon Day in Seattle but I had to get this shirt when Becky over at The Pink Samurai shared it. It was too cute to pass up! I added my cute Magical Girl Gang pin from Becky’s shop and paired them with my cute light purple skirt. It was a whirlwind of pastel cuteness!!

Overall, Fletch and I had an amazing weekend. We had a wonderful time hanging out with my brother and his girlfriend, we got to see Star Trek, and we got to spend quality time together. There isn’t anything better.

What did you get up to this weekend?!

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