Appreciating What You Have

Hi Lovely!

I spent my Friday night shopping and finding tons of cute blind boxes. It was AWESOME!! I hung out with my wonderful friend, Kelsey, of The Fangirl Crafter and we had an awesome time going around and fangirling out over lots of cute things. Come Saturday though I started feeling a little guilty for spending so much money. I mean, I spent a ton on little figures. It got me to thinking about appreciating what you have.

Here is the thing. Being a collector is all about wanting more. You want to add and grow your collection. For me, I collect little, cute things because they make me happy. I like looking at them, playing with them, or whatever else I do with them. I’m able to collect cute things because I’m very fortunate to have some extra funds. It hasn’t always been that way. I had crap jobs for a long time that paid very little. I ate cereal for dinner and entertained myself with free activities. It hasn’t been until the last year or so that Fletch and I have a little extra to be able to buy the things we want.


What I want to emphasize here is that I’ve always been happy with my life. I have the best friends a person could ask for and an amazing partner I get to spend every day with. On top of all that I have an adorable dog that wants nothing more then to cuddle with me (and eat all of my food). I’m a pretty lucky person!

Sure, my toys and plushies make me happy but its the people in my life that bring me true joy. It’s their love that makes me a rich individual, not the stuff I have. This doesn’t mean I’ll be giving away all my stuff anytime soon but I think it’s important to understand the important things in life. Its those wonderful people that can lift you up when you’re down and the individuals that can make you laugh.

Have you told those wonderful individuals in your life how special they are recently? Maybe we all should do that a bit more.

Now, I’m going to go hang out with my wonderful partner in life, Fletch, and my awesome brother and his girlfriend at the fair.

Love you all!

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2 thoughts on “Appreciating What You Have

  1. I completely agree with all of this! Lovely post! Like you, I do enjoy my stuff, but I’m also so satisfied with the life that I have. Collecting things is just like the icing on an already delicious cake!

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