Looking cute while melting

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Last weekend was a hot one! The temperature got all the way up to 93 degrees and I did my best to dress accordingly. So, I busted out my cute ice cream cami dress. What I love about this dress is that it is stretchy, light-weight, and semi-cool (as cool as you can be in 93 degree weather). I have a hard time in warm weather. The heat makes me sweat a lot which makes me uncomfortable, emotionally and physically, so feeling cute when the temperature rises is a regular challenge. I mean, being comfortable in my own skin when I can cover it is hard enough. Combine exposing most of your body to the equation and you have a situation filled with self doubt and uneasiness. So, finding a dress that keeps me cool and makes me feel good about myself is a pretty special thing.

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♥ Sunglasses | ModCloth ♥ Dress| H&M ♥ Shoes | Nordstrom ♥

Feeling cute promotes positive body image

feeling cute

I found this little number a year (or maybe two?) ago at H&M and immediately fell in love with it. If I remember correctly it was like $10 bucks so without hesitation I grabbed the dress in my size and made my purchase. I’ve loved the dress ever since!

The moral of the story is, for me atleast, that finding clothes that make you feel good about yourself is so incredibly important. When I started looking at myself in clothes that made me feel cute I saw myself as cute. I saw that the number on a scale doesn’t define me. What defines me is… Me. I’m a smart, funny, cute-loving lady that struggles sometimes with self acceptance just like anyone else.

Now, I’m going to go enjoy the warm weather as best I can (and maybe watch some Netflix inside).

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