All progress takes place outside the comfort zone

Hi Lovely!

It’s almost time to go back to work tomorrow and I’m definitely not ready. I spent my weekend over on Orcas Island. One of my best friends got married, yay Meagan, and I was in the wedding party. It was a beautiful weekend filled with lots of love! Being surrounded by strangers made me think about stepping out of my comfort zone.get out of your comfort zone

I sometimes have a difficult time initially stepping out of my own comfort zone. I get really nervous in crowds or when doing something for the first time. I understand that putting myself in situations that make me feel anxious will probably turn out fine and be a great experience but it’s hard to get past that initial fear.

Whenever I go into a new situation I always fear that people won’t like me (silly, I know). I make Fletch give me a pep-talk before doing something new so I feel more confident. It works well enough and I always go through with whatever it is (an event, a meet up, etc.) What I’ve learned through these experiences is how to be confident, self-aware, and comfortable with myself. I know who I am and I don’t get as nervous showing it off to people.

I know it can be super-scary initially but in the end, it’s worth it. Putting yourself out there, stepping out of your comfort zone, can help you grow as an individual. In every new experience you learn a little something about yourself.

Have a great night, loves! Stay classy.

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One thought on “All progress takes place outside the comfort zone

  1. I completely agree! As someone who often struggles with anxiety in certain situations, sometimes forcing myself to be in them can actually help. Getting through it brings a huge sense of accomplishment as well as the realization that I CAN do things!

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