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Today I am sharing a few products that I recently tried in an attempt to prevent thigh rub. Summer is right around the corner and I want to make sure I am prepared. No more thigh rashes. I’m done! I want to be released from the pain that plagues me summer after summer. So, I set off on a quest to rid my thighs of future irritation. I tried three different products in an attempt at finding my holy grail of thigh rub glory. Now, let’s get to it.

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bandelettes in package

The first product I tried is called bandelettes. Here is the basic idea. These little bands go around your thighs and prevent chafing. They claim to not roll down while walking and to be a happy alternative to shorts. Sounds great right? I immediately wanted to try them. They seemed relatively breathable and I was excited to get right to testing them out.


I wore them to work to see if they could stand up to an entire day of walking around. They worked out alright when I was walking around the office but when I took them out for a walk during my break they immediately bunched up and then started to fall. About six minutes into my normally seventeen minute walk I decided to shake down the bandelettes and just carry them with me. I returned them the next day and decided to move on to another solution.

final opinion

Jockey Shorts

Jockey shorts

Next on my list of things to try were spandex shorts. Here is the trouble with that. Most of the ones I found were either spanxs (making the wearer feel like a sausage in its casing). Not comfortable. All of the normal spandex shorts I found were black, making it difficult to wear under my pastel wardrobe. I had almost lost all hope when I happened upon these Jockey shorts. Like a gift from the gods, these little guys came into my life right when I needed them.

Jockey Shorts

I eagerly awaited their arrival, I ordered them on Amazon, and immediately tried them on once they came to the house. First, I walked around my home to see how they felt. They passed the first test. I didn’t experience any riding up and they weren’t cutting off any circulation. Next trial for these little guys to pass was an entire day of work. I hoped beyond all hope that they would pass.

I was saddened to learn that, like most spandex shorts, they ride up when I walk too briskly. Having to adjust under a dress can be a bit of a pain BUT I’ll take it if it means avoiding rubbing thighs. These shorts passed but definitely have their flaws.

opinion on jockey shorts

Body Glide

Body Glide

The last product I tried was a stick that runners use to prevent chaffing. Again, I tried it around the house, which it passed, then upped the ante by testing it at work.

testing body glide

Around the office it worked really well but I noticed once I ventured out for my fifteen minute walk that it began to melt away with my sweat. That was a bit of a let down. I mean, the stick is small enough to stick in your purse so if you need to reapply it isn’t a huge deal but I’d keep it in mind.

body glide opinion

Final thoughts

For me the bandelettes were a big dud. I really wanted them to work but, alas, they did not. It also felt really weird to have something hugging your thighs while your no-no bits flapped in the breeze. I’ll probably be using a combo of the Jockey shorts and the Body Glide stick this summer, switching between the two.

I set out on this journey because I was sick of the pain that comes with warm weather and touching thighs. I wanted to find a problem-solving product that would allow me the freedom to not think about how my thighs rub. I don’t think I necessarily achieved that goal but I definitely got closer.

How do you prevent the dreaded thigh rash that warmer weather brings? Any tips? I want to hear them!

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18 thoughts on “Trying New Things | Products That Prevent Thigh Rub

  1. Good to know the Bandelettes don’t work, I was curious about them! I’ve done Body Glide at Disney World before — works great when you’re wearing shorts — and I have some of those non-spanx shorts for dresses when I’m going to be moving a lot. I wonder if there’s a perfect solution out there somewhere!

    • If you find it, let me know! I’ve heard the lace bandelettes work better (but after having such bad luck with the other ones I didn’t want to take a chance).

  2. Interesting review! I never thought to try shorts of some sort under skirts/dresses, but then again I might also be the only person our age who feels inappropriately exposed when not wearing pantyhose with a dress. They come with their own issues, but at least thigh rub is not one of them.

    • Very true!! Do you know of a good brand of pantyhose? All of the pairs I tried that are lighter weight tore as soon as I tried them on.

  3. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRL! I was the queen of thigh rub! I couldn’t go a day wearing skirts in summer. I eventually just worked up a tolerance (don’t ask me how, I think I was just in denial and wanted to keep wearing pretty dresses so badly) and now I don’t get it. LIFE CHANGED!! Good luck with the Body Glide, I use that on my arms when I go for a run and it works a treat πŸ™‚ xo

  4. Chub rub is the worst! I just got back from the beach and I think the sand and salt made it worse. I ended up wearing pants the last day. I’ll have to check out Body Glide – I’ve used deodorant in the past but I don’t think it worked too well. It’s too bad the Bandelettes didn’t work out, the lace ones are cute!


    • I’ve tried deodorant too but it didn’t work. Hopefully the Body Glide will work better. I’ll get to test it out even better at the end of the month. πŸ™‚

  5. UGH thigh rub. You should try Gold Bond’s stick that’s made especially for joggers; I have some and I haven’t used it in a while but I feel like it lasted quite a while when I did apply it. I want to get some bike shorts as well, just for decency’s sake like if I want to ride a bike in a skirt, or it’s a particularly windy day.

    • Yeah that is a good idea!! I should try that stuff too. It’s hard to find a go-to product that will work in every occasion. I’ve decided that the only reason I want a thigh gap is so I wouldn’t have to deal with this crap. haha

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