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I can’t believe it is already a new month! I feel like I say that every month but still. March went by way too quickly. March was a pretty tough month for me. My Mom passed away on February 29th so I spent most of my time in March just trying to cope. Luckily most of my goals for the month were good distractions so I accomplished most of them. Let’s go ahead and review how I did with my goals in March.

March Goals
1. Take time to play my Nintendo 3DS –
 I am happy to report that I spent a good amount of time playing my Nintendo 3DS! I like multitasking while watching Netflix and recently I’ve been re-watching 30 Rock. Playing my portable gaming device is perfect for times likes these!

2. Finally watch The Martian – We did it! We finally watched The Martian! I ended up really enjoying it. It reminded me a lot of Castaway or The Terminal and I enjoyed both of those so.. yeah. I enjoyed the movie and I definitely think it is worth a watch. Did you see it? If so, what did you think?

3. Find a reading chair – This goal was definitely not accomplished. To be honest, this was farthest from my mind. I spent most of them month distracting myself from being sad and buying a reading chair felt more like a chore than a fun time-filler. So, instead I gave myself the freedom to focus on doing things that made me happy. I watched lots of movies and spent quality time with friends. I’ll find a reading chair some other time.

April has started out well. It is only the 12th but I have a really good feeling. Last month was hard and I’m ready to get down to business and kick-ass. April is the month where I’ll get stuff done that I’ve been putting off. It is going to be a good month!

April Goals
1. Allow myself some “me” time –
Last month my Mom passed away. It’s been hard navigating this whole mourning thing. At first I did all I could to keep busy and distracted. If i didn’t think about her then the realization that she was gone didn’t sink in. Now, a month later, I am ready to give myself time for me. Being surrounded by friends has truly helped but I think I need a good bubble bath of a treat to get my nails done. Something where I can just sit and just be. I’ve been moving so quickly in hopes that it would dull the pain but instead it has left me a bit tired. I deserve s restful, me say this month.

2. Limit my time on my computer – This one will be hard. I mean, how will I keep up with my blog? Well, I’d like to cut back from using my computer every single evening after work to a few days a week. I’ll still have my tablet and phone I just want to make myself a bit more present when hanging out with my lovely partner in life, Fletch.

3. Book our very late honeymoon – I got married over a year ago and we never took a honeymoon. We had big plans of a European vacation but never booked anything. This month is the month! I need an adventure. Hell. I deserve an adventure! We are booking flights and no more excuses!

4. Use Snapchat for more than just unflattering selfies – Last month I finally joined Snapchat! (If you have an account, let’s be friends! I’m @thecutielife) Right now I mostly just share unflattering selfies using the filters. I’d like to get in the habit of doing more with my account. Filming while I’m out shopping or at events. Stuff like that. I have a few things I am doing out and about this month so my hope is that I will actually stick to my guns and do more snapping while out in the world. If you have any tips for this I’d love to hear them! I pretty much don’t know what I am doing.

Do you have any goals you hope to accomplish this month? I’d love to hear about them!! Share them in the comment section OR write your very own post and share it!

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8 thoughts on “Small Goals | April

  1. I have been so behind on reading blogs. I didn’t see your post about your mom. I just wanted to say that I am so sorry for your loss. A million virtual hugs from me to you. I admire that you have kept blogging and tried to keep life semi normal.

    As for the other stuff. You should really get that reading chair…because everyone needs a good reading chair. *makes note to get myself a good reading chair.*

    My goals are always the same, get some kind of organization in my life because I suck and doing what needs to be done. lol

    • Thanks, Heather. You are too sweet. I’ll always take hugs!

      We’ll see about the chair. I now have my lights stored in the little reading nook because I hate having to put them away and put them back together for recording videos. My laziness may win out in this one. haha!

    • Thanks hon! Yeah, I feel like I’ve just been so focused on staying busy that I haven’t had time to just rest. This weekend I have no plans so I’ll be taking some me time, writing blog posts, and editing some videos. Yay!

  2. Visiting from the link up – so so sorry about your loss, I can’t imagine what your going through. It’s good to keep distracted though! You have to book your honeymoon, sounds like it is much needed! As for snapchat, I recently joined and have realized all of my snaps are food! LOL

    • Thank you, Jackie. I’m getting by and allowing myself the freedom to accept my feelings day to day has been really important when it comes to dealing with the loss. I’ve kept busy and now I need a little chill time (if even for a night).

      We put a down payment on our trip so it’s happening! I can’t wait! Maybe I can snapchat it! lol

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