Reflecting on friendship

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the importance of friendship and the significance my friends play in my life. I’m completely guilty of not showing enough gratitude to those in my life that mean the world to me and it is definitely something I am working on.

let us be gratetful

Today I’d like to chat about a specific friend. A friend that I met when I wasn’t expecting it and that I grew very close to very fast.

We met when she was the temp at my work. She was covering the front desk while we searched for a new receptionist and I covered her breaks. I didn’t interact with her much initially because I was always running around and didn’t take the time to sit and talk. This person, the one I saw every day and interacted with twice daily, started to wear me down. She asked me questions. Questions she knew I would happily answer at length. After a while we became friends. She then accepted a full time position with another company and we vowed to hang out after she left.hello kitty cafe

To my surprise, we actually did see each other. When people leave jobs I feel like there is always an obligation to say, “keep in touch” but not everyone actually does. I was happy to find that we both actually wanted to honor our plan to continue to be friends.

Her name is Chinda and, as I said previously, she has quickly become a very dear friend to me. She helped awaken an old love for Sanrio in me and is always up for an adventure. She came into my life exactly when I needed her to and has enriched my life simply by being in it.

I never expected us to become so close but I am beyond happy that we have. She is kind, thoughtful, sweet, generous, and a bad-ass that always has your back. I’m not really sure how I got so lucky or why she wants to hang out with me but she does and that makes me very happy.

This amazing lady is now starting a new chapter. This weekend she moved off to Atlanta to live closer to her boo and I am so incredibly excited for her. It’s one of those things where you’re really excited for them but sad for yourself. She has become the person I do so much with and I’ll miss our kawaii shopping trips but I know with all of my heart that this is good for her.

Now the burden falls on Fletch to keep me entertained and go on hunts for cute items. I know he will live up to the task I just feel bad that he won’t enjoy it the way Chinda does.

So to my wonderful friend, good luck. I wish you all of the happiness in the world and, even though you are nervous, I know this will be good. I know we will always be friends and you will visit, thank goodness your family is here, but I still expect Skype dates and frequent texts. I apologize in advance if I send unflattering photos of myself in an attempt to entertain myself and if I wind up texting too frequently. That is what you get for moving.

Have you ever had a friend like that? Someone that was missing from your life without even knowing it? I want to hear about it!

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    • The photo in front of the Hello Kitty cafe was taken in Seattle several months ago. I hope you enjoyed the Cherry Blossom Festival! I bet it was fun.

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