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Over the weekend I ventured over to Gig Harbor to grab coffee and take photos with the amazing Kristina of Eccentric Owl. Kristina is absolutely wonderful and I always enjoy myself when we are together. We’ve never taken photos together, mostly because we forget, and I will say it was pretty hilarious. Both of us are a bit awkward in front of the camera, hence Kristina’s description of us being awkward unicorns, but we had a ton of fun posing together! Combine that with our own unique posing styles and you get some pretty silly photos.

WARNING: photo heavy post coming at you!

two cuties

Outfit DetailsNEW♥ Dress: Bonne Chance Collections ♥ Purse: ASOS ♥ Shoes: Aldo (similar) ♥ Sweater: ModCloth (similar) 

being silly

two pretty ladies

Kristina has become one of my dearest friends. It’s nice to have someone to chat about blogging with plus we enjoy a lot of the same nerdy stuff so it is pretty much a perfect match. We always set out to take photos but get so wrapped up in chatting that we always forget. That is why we specifically planned a photo day. We had no excuses for not snapping away!!

We even picked out similar outfits that would kind of match. I went with my adorable pink ice cream dress and Kristina wore her adorable pink skirt with her awesome Thor shirt. This dress is extra special to me because my parents bought it for me for my birthday. It was one of the last things my Mom treated me to and every time I wear it I think of her.

ice cream dress

princess pose

outfit details

shoes and bag detail

close up

Big THANK YOU to Kristina for the wonderful photos and for such a great time. Please go check out her blog and show her some love. She is the best!!

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  1. YESSSS. Haha, your post is not photo-heavy compared to mine at all. 😉 I love that dress so much, and also hanging out with you! I can’t wait to do more photos AND more hanging out again!

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