Rescuing dresses from my closet

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With the big move behind me I decided that I needed to wear something bright and fun. So, I wore a pink, long-sleeve dress to work that has been sitting in my closet for far too long. My co-workers all complimented it and asked if it was new. The compliments made me feel pretty darn good (but the questions about it being new made me feel guilty for letting the little beauty sit in my closet). I totally get in the habit of wearing the same few outfits over and over again and let others just sit sadly in the dark. It isn’t very fair to all of my pretty dresses!

pink dress style

winter dress style

new space

Outfit DetailsNEW♥ Dress: OASAP ♥ Shoes: Aldo ♥ Glasses: Bonlook ♥

I want to make more of an effort at switching up my outfits. I am going to switch around my hangers and when I wear a dress I will switch it back. That way you can see what is getting worn and what might need more love. I tried this once before and it helped me get rid of a few things. Now it is time for a second attempt!

How do you make sure you actually wear everything in your closet? I’d love tips!

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10 thoughts on “Rescuing dresses from my closet

  1. I totally suffer from this too. I think I get wrapped up in the idea of how a few of them look and then forget that my older stuff still looks good too. In the new house I will have a walk in which will be much better for clothes organisation and I cannot wait!!!!!

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  3. This is such a good idea! I mean, I do have the excuse that not all of my dresses currently fit me, and also I’m breastfeeding, but I really want to get back to wearing more of my dresses.I’ve been stuck in a skirt-and-repeat phase lately!

    And that dress is SO pretty! As are you!


    • Aw thanks hon! I love your outfits! I want you to come over and help me match my skirts and shirts lol.

      Thank you for being such a wonderful person and amazing friend.

  4. That’s such a lovely dress it should definitely be out and about! I’ve found the best way to utilize my full wardrobe is by prearranging outfits while I’m putting my laundry away. I challenge myself to make a new outfit with the clean item I’m putting away using only things that are already in there. It keeps my closet in full rotation, keeps my outfits fresh, and I have prepackaged outfits ready to go every morning!

    • What a great idea! I may have to try that. Right now I have my clothes organized by color because I like being able to pick an outfit based on my mood (I feel bright today, better wear a fun purple dress). I may have to try your method though. 🙂

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