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what i'm for

Hello Lovely!

I was invited by my dear friend, Brittany, to participate in a link up this week titled, “What I’m For.” The idea being that you discuss things that you are “for” like coffee, hugs, etc. I absolutely love this series by Brittany and was excited to receive her invitation to join in. So here goes! This is what I am for.

I love hugs.  Similar to the beloved Olaf from Frozen, I feel like nothing beats a nice, warm hug. Hugs have the ability to comfort, console, express excitement, love, joy, and so much more. If you ever need a hug just let me know and I’ll give you a big one!

Coffee is basically my life juice. I don’t think it is necessarily the caffeine but more so how I’ve associated it with taking time for myself. Back in college I would walk to the coffee shop just off campus, grab a coffee and do some light, personal reading before heading to class. It was my “me” time. Even now I like enjoying a cup of coffee while chatting with friends, working on a project or whatever else because it is like a special treat for me.

Loving what you love.
It’s okay to be into things that maybe aren’t cool. Whether it is unicorns, Disney, dungeons and dragons, shoes, or whatever else, don’t let other people make you feel bad for your interests. Rock that Doctor Who dress. Build that shelf to display your barbies. So long as you aren’t letting

Cute things.
Anything that you would look at and think, “aw that is cute” is something I either want or have. I can’t help it. That is just me. I’ve had some people say that I am too old for unicorns and food with faces but I don’t care. As I said before, love what you love and everyone else can shut up. If it makes you happy then that is all that matters, so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else of course.

I recently read an article that included cultural concepts that we don’t have here in the US and one that struct me particularly was the idea of Hygge from Denmark. There isn’t a direct translation for Hygge. It is more of a feeling. It is the idea of “togetherness” and “coziness.” There are so many times, moments, where I am distracted by what I feel I need to do to be productive instead of doing what would make my soul happy. Cuddling up on the couch with Fletch and Lily while one of our favorite movies plays on the TV, we drink tea, and snuggle under a blanket, that is Hygge. It is something I think we could all use a little more of.

What are you for? You can join us in this link up by sharing your own post HERE or commenting below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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4 thoughts on “What I’m For

  1. Yes to all of this!
    And also, I read this “Build that shelf to display your barbies.” as “Build that shelf to display your BABIES” and I was reading that paragraph all “Yes, wait… what???” HA. It took me a few minutes to realize it said baRbies.

    • Haha! That is hilarious! Just so you know whenever I see strawberries on anything I think of you. I almost bought a million things from the Diaso store for you but held back. Hahah

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