My cute filled weekend recap!

Hello Lovely,

This last weekend was filled with lots of super fun, super cute activities so I thought I would do a little weekend recap! Yay!

Friday was crazy busy. I left straight from work and headed to Seattle for Jenny Lawson‘s book signing and the Hello Kitty Supercute party at the Experience Music Project (EMP). Fletch, my husband, was sweet enough to come along. I am so glad he did because I definitely wouldn’t have had as much fun without him.IMG_6677

We arrived to the book signing late and missed the whole reading, which was a bit of a bummer. We found out once we were there that our signing group was group D, the last one. So, we skipped the signing and instead chatted with my awesome friend, Jenn, who was also at the signing before heading off to the Hello Kitty event.

The Hello Kitty party was really cool! I was invited by UNIQLO and I am so glad I went! The place was PACKED with Hello Kitty lovers. By the time we got there most of the activities had run out of materials so we just walked around and looked at the new Hello Kitty exhibit, which the party was celebrating.




Saturday was filled with more Seattle Hello Kitty time! My dear friend, Chinda, and I woke up early to snag yummy treats from the Hello Kitty Cafe. The cafe was visiting for the weekend in honor of the exhibit opening. We waited outside for 2 hours to get our adorably expensive treats. It was totally worth it.




After the Hello Kitty Cafe we ate lunch at Metropolitan Market and headed off to the Daiso store. We found some cute items, which I did not take photos of. Sorry about that. It was a pretty busy day but awesome!

Once Sunday finally rolled around I was pretty tuckered out. I spent the morning lounging around and the afternoon/early evening hanging out with my new IRL friend, Kristina of Eccentric Owl. Kristina and I chatted, drank coffee, played with her adorable kids, and kind of watched Doctor Who while talking over it. So basically it was the best Sunday ever. I am so excited to have a new friend and Kristina is amazing. She lives like 15 minutes away and we have a ton in common. I hope we make hanging out a regular thing. Hmm. I should set up a regular date with her. I’ll get on that.


That was my weekend! It was filled to the brim and I loved every minute of it. I am so thankful for all of my wonderful friends and for being able to spend quality time with those that mean the world to me. It is pretty much the best thing in the world.

What did you do this weekend?

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8 thoughts on “My cute filled weekend recap!

  1. What an amazing weekend! I haven’t heard of the book Furiously Happy, looks like a good read.

    You’re so lucky that you got invited to the Hello Kitty event. So jealous.

    This is my first time hearing about Kristina’s blog. She has amazing style.

    • It looks like it will be! I sure hope so. 🙂

      I am so thankful for being invited! It was a ton of fun!

      Kristina is wonderful. I am so glad you like her blog! You should follow her on Instagram. That is how I keep up with all of her adorable fashion! 🙂

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