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Today I am introducing you to an amazing business owner and an even better friend! This is Emma of the blog Behind The Leopard Glasses and the Etsy store InTheLeopardCloset. I adore Emma’s shop filled with adorable vintage pieces. She finds some of the cutest stuff and I know you will love her items as much as I do!

photo by Chelsea Laine Francis

Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself?
A: Hello! My name is Emma. I am from New Jersey and live with my brew master/environmental scientist hubby and fur babies (Pug: Barium- Barry / Bulldog: Magnesium- Maggie / Kitty: Arsenic- Arnold.) By day I currently teach high school Biology, but am looking to move into a more creative field. By night I write my personal blog: and run my Etsy store: InTheLeopardCloset.
Q: How did you get started with your business?
A: I got started selling vintage clothing in my Etsy store: InTheLeopardCloset last May when I really realized 3 things:
 1. I have way too much clothing.
 2. I love to shop and continue to thrift.
 3. I wanted to share my finds with others to help them find special items for their wardrobes.
I have really realized that it is my true dream to one day own a brick and mortar vintage store where I can curate collections, work with smaller local makers, and really share my finds with the world! I am currently working towards that goal!
Q: What has been most rewarding about owning your business?
A: The most rewarding aspect of owning my own business is when my curated items find their new homes. I love to see what state/country the items are going to.
Q: What is your favorite part of selecting your products?
A: My favorite part of selecting items is to find those interesting pieces from the thrift store. You really never know what you are going to find. I read an interview with Macklemore about his song “Thrift Store” and he said something along the lines of, “Sometimes you go thrifting for a winter coat and come out with a kitchen table.” That summarizes the thrill/randomness you can find at a thrift store.
Q: When not finding adorable vintage clothing, how do you spend your time?
A: When I am not searching for vintage, I enjoy blogging, playing with my fur babies, eating sushi, and exploring local restaurants and breweries with my hubby.
Q: What is your favorite dessert?
A: My favorite dessert is haagen dazs coffee ice cream. I love lots of desserts and firmly believe it can and should be eaten before dinner =)
her shop

Just a few of the beautiful pieces in Emma’s shop!

I hope you enjoyed meeting Emma and learning about her shop, InTheLeopardCloset!! If you love vintage pieces be sure to check out her shop! You will not be disappointed.

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